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Contest reminder: Destructoid is giving away an 80GB PS3 next week

11:51 AM on 09.11.2007  ·  Niero

As a public disservice announcement, we would like to remind all Dtoid citizens that the above high-def Talladega Nights player will be dispatched to one lucky rat bastard next week, sponsored by God of War: Betrayal. If you haven't entered this contest yet, you automatically fail at internets. The entry requirements are simple: sign up for a free account, post a unique Betrayal-themed comment on this page, and up your odds by trying our chaotic community blogs beta, now frothing with nearly 14,000 members and nowhere close to implosion. The contest ends on September 19th, so get your entry in!

On another note, yours truly will be en-route to the Tokyo Game Show (sponsored by Destination Japan! HAI!!!) in the land of sushi, games, and bukkake on the 19th, so the winner will be announced at the end of the month barring any unforeseen seppuku. Look for our intensely confused coverage of the event and some other (warning: HYPE) very, very, very unique news about Life in Dtoid Land (what it' BE like?) next week. Trust me... if you've been with us from day one ... you are *so* not ready. Also, cocks.



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#Blu-ray #Contests #PS3 #Tokyo Game Show
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