*Contest: Create bunny-on-alien ultraviolence, win games
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Contest: Create bunny-on-alien ultraviolence, win games

3:00 PM on 01.12.2010  ·  Anthony Burch

Wolfire Games and Unknown Worlds have joined forces for the Overgrowth/Natural Selection 2 pre-order sale. For the next week only, you can pay $39.95 to not only pre-order both Overgrowth (the sequel to indie kung fu classic Lugaru) and Natural Selection 2 for 40% off, but also gain access to the alphas for both games.

If you're not in the paying mood, however, we've got you covered: Wolfire gave us nine codes for the pre-order pack, and I've decided to give them away using the only objective metric I know of: brutal, gratuitous violence.

Well, not really. Here's the deal: draw or Photoshop an image of rabbits fighting aliens. Post your image in the comments below. That's it. The rabbits don't need to resemble Overgrowth characters and the aliens don't have to look exactly like those in Natural Selection 2, but the option is certainly there.

On January 13th, we'll announce the winners.  Sound good?


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