Confirmed: Republique will also come to PC and Mac - destructoid

Confirmed: Republique will also come to PC and Mac

9:30 PM on 04.26.2012

Jim Sterling

Former Reviews Editor

Last week, we talked about Republique, a very promising iOS survival/stealth game from Metal Gear Solid 4's Ryan Payton. Several of you -- and many others -- refused to support the studio's Kickstarter efforts because you spit on the notion of mobile games. Well ... there's no excuse now. 

Republique has been confirmed for both PC and Mac, provided of course the studio reaches its $500,000 goal. It only has 14 days left and $97,000 in the piggy bank, so it's going to need a boatload of last-minute support. If it gets its Christmas miracle, the PC/Mac version will have unique features "that speak to the strengths of the platform."

Hopefully, those who refused to contribute without the promise of a "real" version of the game chip in. I truly want to see this game get made. 

République Coming To PC And Mac [Game Informer]

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Jim Sterling
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