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Company of Heroes 2 arrives June 25

11:30 AM on 03.06.2013

Both in North America and Europe

Company of Heroes 2 has been set for a June 25 release date in both North America and Europe. Have to say, I'm really happy for Relic Entertainment on today's news. Things were shaky thanks to the THQ fallout, but I think Relic has found a good home with Sega.

"Our acquisition by Sega has given us the chance to work with a new partner that has a great track record of working with long standing PC franchises," said executive producer Jonathan Dowdeswell. "It gives us great confidence to know that we have a well aligned team working to bring the best experience we can to gamers around the world."

What I've played of Company of Heroes 2 was pretty great, and I think fans of the series are going to really like this one. We'll know for sure in just a few months.

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Coming this June
Custom maps are the best maps
Relic's WW2 RTS title also removed from other Eastern European countries
Winter is here
Time to hit the Eastern Front once again
Play it for free while you can
RTS sequel will arrive next month, comrade
Third mode announced
Plus the two expansions for the first game

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