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Community spotlight: Haxan goes above and beyond for the community

3:00 PM on 01.31.2009 // Hamza CTZ Aziz

It all started back on November 30 of last year. Haxan was sick of the little kids that plague online gaming and wanted to find some real challengers. So he turned to Dtoid and came up with the Destroy Haxan contest over on his Community Blog where the grand prizewinner would be receiving a copy of Street Fighter IV.

From December up until mid January, Haxan battled Dtoiders in Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix on both the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. The winners were announced a couple of weeks back, but before seeing who won, hit the jump to see the entire journey to the finals.

Each day of the competition, Haxan devoted at least a minimum of two hours of his time a night to play Super Street Fighter II HD. Haxan would accept any challenger, but it wasn’t as simple as that. Most of the matches were themed matches and players would have to play as a specific fighter on specific days against Haxan. The upside to this though was that players could play as cheaply as they wanted to, such as spamming the shit out of Hadoukens if they wanted to. There were bonus days, though, and participants could play as anyone they would have liked.

Since the contest started, Haxan blogged almost every other day with the results from the competition and kept up a Forum thread with all of the info too. 

Here's a recap of the blogs for the contest:

Haxan has put in a lot of time and his own money into the competition. He played people in both versions of SF II HD, went through hell to get a perfect D-pad on his Xbox 360 controller, and put in hours of his personal time during his busy work schedule to play Dtoiders in the game.

Nilcam, one the competitors in the contest was extremely grateful for everything Haxan had done and actually sent him some gifts as a thank you. Haxan got a copy of Street Fighter Alpha: Generations on DVD and Udon’s 'Street Fighter Tribute' art book.

The contest finally came to a close on January 15 and the winners were revealed. Taking the grand prize of Street Fighter IV is DanMartigan, who won the competition with 80% of the wins with senisan82 close behind him at 75% wins.

Nilcam won the award for best attendance in the competition and will be receiving the Street Fighter Fight Night T-shirt from The cheapest fighter award goes out to Genki-Jam and he’ll be receiving this badass golden Blanka statue that Haxan worked on for Genki-Jam. Finally, Char Aznable won the runner-up prize to the cheapest fighter award and will be getting some kind of random crap.

Everything Haxan did here is pretty much awesome. So much so that I got in touch with a buddy of mine over at Capcom and showed him everything Haxan has done here. He was really impressed with it and is actually working on sending Haxan a cool little package of Street Fighter swag. 

Thanks again for everything you did Haxan. You rock! Go uppercut waterfalls!

Be sure to check the gallery for all the art Haxan made for each of his Street Fighter blogs as well. This post is totally doubling as an Art Attack feature.

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