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Community Blogs: We have them, minor upgrade edition

2:45 PM on 04.13.2011 // CblogRecaps

[Publisher's note: Hey lurker, did you know every Destructoid account comes with a blog?  We have these amazing people on staff whose job is to help you get published on our home page, so put them to work!
We've now made it easier: Create an account and click the new "edit your blog" button on the top right of the page.  Need inspiration?  Check our "musings" section to check out this month's call for entries, or write whatever comes to mind.  Community Blogs (now the third link next to Home) are voted up and move quickly, so add "Cblog recaps" to your friends list. This is a team of community members like Funktastic that summarize the best stuff every day.  Check out today's recap below, front page edition!   -Niero]

*- Lurkers, take note! Zwuh shows how to do an introduction! 

*- The Bus Man brings us . . . Debatoid: Are scores necessary in video game reviews?’ - RESULTS 

*- AwesomeExMachina shares his – We Are Destructoid: What Dtoid Can Do for You (Thank you for helping the Cblogs make a recovery Kauza . . . <3) 

*- Some jerk is copying me . . . =P . .. ChillyBilly’s Emporium of Curious Collectibles: Spring Edition! 

*- Ugh…I’m sick and manasteelism (What you tryin’ to do foo? Steal some thunder from the Recaps with your “-isms?” =P I should’ve failed you for willingly choosing Dazzler too! ^_^) 

*- The Metallic Taste After Waking Up (Huzzah! It appears that all Penguins don’t hate me . . . only Gmail spam filters! Interview soon!) 

*- It’s long, it’s in-depth, but oh hell is it good . . . bassbeast has a follow up to his Monthly Musing . . . There’s a Symphony in There! – Super Mario World 



Dag yo! So, we have a TON of Topsauce tonight and a number of my favorite bloggers have written today, so that’s pretty darn awesome! The general quality of the blogs has been going up as well, and I attribute that to our new Cblog Manager dude guy . . . Kauza, so many thanks for that dude! ^_^ Also, a few of you know I’m quite the sports fan (well of two particular sports), but the Stanley Cup playoffs start tomorrow for the NHL and it’s looking to be one hell of an exciting time! More importantly though, was a result in the UEFA Champions League that happened today, when my glorious Red Devils, Manchester United, eliminated those Russian oligarch funded Chelski bastards! How’s it feel to have a £7 million pound striker be able to score and your £50 million pound piece of garbage flop like none other? GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED! ^_^ Also, RYAN GIGGS IS GOD! d(‘-‘d) You’ll enjoy this Recap for sure . . . eh Ali D? =P 

M- Aaamaazing!: Playing with Blocks 

M- Aaamaazing!: Improving School Since 1999 

P- Zero Cool Episode 26: Dwarvish Chodemail +1 

No contests . . . only . . . Caution . . . John Terry . .. (circa 2008) 

C- Cadtalfryn contemplates about happiness . . . ? 

I- Alex Ayling intros into the community with some thoughts on the gaming community in general. (Could tone down the aggressive writing a bit though mate.) 

T- Noir Trilby seems to be tired of the same old wrestling games coming out. 

T- Yukichin has some thoughts about Nintendo region locking the 3DS . . . there’s good, civil comment discussion. 

T- kid23455 has some thoughts about how games don’t grow up with us. 

T- Gaidenrider generalizes why Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker wasn’t a “Metal Gear Solid” game. 

No culture . . . only United! 

?- I honestly don’t know if this is spam or someone thinking we can’t find out information about Patapon 3ourselves . . . 

F- A new account posting videos of headshots . . . no . . . 

F- Great . . . another trolling tard is back . . . >_< 



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Status updates from C-bloggers

kolten2 avatarkolten2
TheAngriestCarp avatarTheAngriestCarp
I'm pretty sure you guys know what game I'll be playing tomorrow. One of THE hottest games of the season. That's right, I'm talking about Lunch Truck Tychoon. Kojima ain't got shit on me, mukkas!
Flegma avatarFlegma
Playing Project Zero 2 on Wii. One should hope PZ5 got more sensible controls - twisting the Wiimote left/right to turn the camera does not make sense.
Barry Kelly avatarBarry Kelly
"When you are not playing the game or choose not to join the defense, your FOB will be defended automatically by your Security Team and security devices." Yeah, I think I'll just avoid the FOB functionality in MGS V
Snaveage avatarSnaveage
PSA: If you're picking up Phantom Pain tomorrow, put the kids down for a nap, turn off your phone and tell your partner to pipe down - the opening hour deserves your undivided attention. Enjoy!
extatix avatarextatix
If you like your hentai VNs [url=""]cheap.[/url] Or even [url=""]cheaper[/url].
VeryImportantQuestion avatarVeryImportantQuestion
Just read that SquareEnix have applied some weird mutation of crowdfunding mechanics to the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided preorder. I know the last blog I wrote mentioned how big publishers try to pervert these systems, but to think it's already this far gone.
Cosmonstropolis avatarCosmonstropolis
First in line to grab MGS V tomorrow. Close to my house, so it looks like I can eat and sleep comfortably. No one else seems to be waiting at my mailbox. Neighbors are getting suspicious.
The Travisionist avatarThe Travisionist
[img][/img] Sometimes, life is good as a ghost.
Mike Wallace avatarMike Wallace
You know what, I'm just gonna come out and say it. I hope MGSV fails. It won't train wreck by any means, but I hope it's a huge financial failure. Nothing against Kojima, but #fuckonami
Rad Party God avatarRad Party God
MGS V unlocks for me tomorrow at noon.
LinkSlayer64 avatarLinkSlayer64
Since my blog using this is basically useless, I still wanted to share it. [img][/img] CAN YOU DIG IT!?
Manchild avatarManchild
I don't think you should be able to say #Fuckonami if you are deciding to support their product anyways. I don't often agree with boycotting and am not condoning that, but get your story straight and show a little consistency.
CJ Andriessen avatarCJ Andriessen
When the band began to play the stars were shining bright. Now the milkman's on his way and it's too late to say good night. So, Good Morning! Good Morning!
IDrawOnTape avatarIDrawOnTape
I'm guessing all rock bands in the world must have stopped making music videos this year, since I read fall out boy's "Uma Thurman" won for rock video of the year. I can only assume there were no other nominees.that's the only rational explanation.
RatCasket avatarRatCasket
dtoid discussion has been awfully bitchy these past couple of days. knock it off. its just video games.
StripyTrousers avatarStripyTrousers
Just posted my first Dtoid Community blog. Hello all!
ChillyBilly avatarChillyBilly
Good Morning Good Morning We've talked the whole night through Good Morning Good Morning to you Good Morning Good Morning It's great to stay up late Good Morning Good Morning to you
Daniel Lingen avatarDaniel Lingen
Agent9 avatarAgent9
gonna help my mom move and pack some things. what it means is I'm gonna sit and get yelled at whether I do or do not do something. I can't be the only one with a picky parent that expects nothing less than clairvoyance (-_-)
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