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2:30 PM on 09.01.2013 // Dale North

Sunday at 2:00, Pegasus Theatre

[Update: As requested, I've included the full picture in our gallery.]

Today. It's today. You need to get ready for our Destructoid HUGE panel at PAX today at 2:00 p.m. in the Pegasus Theatre (2nd floor, Sheraton Hotel). We aren't (see above image, taken just now), but we will be this afternoon. Jim, Jonathan, Hamza, Niero, Conrad, myself and others are pooping our pants with excitement as we set up the bomb to drop on you later today. 

We're talking about the future of the site, including premium memberships and corgis and dirty magazines. We're also giving away a ton of sh*t, so there's that. 

Make sure you wear your Destructoid shirts as we're going to take our annual group photo at the panel's end. 

See you there!

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