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Cole seems to be returning for the next Gears of War

4:00 PM on 07.04.2014  ·  Chris Carter@DtoidChris

Voice actor tapped

Hey, remember there's a new Gears of War game coming at some point?

Well Lester Speight, the voice actor for the Augustus Cole "Train" character, has confirmed that he has been contacted to return to the series. When asked if he has gotten a call about the new Gears game, Speight responded, "#whoobaby Yup!"

If he does indeed return, it seems more than likely that the old crew would return, rather than an attempt to forge a new story with new characters. Of course, this is all speculative, since Cole's role hasn't been confirmed yet and could just be a cameo.

Lester Speight [Twitter]


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#Gears of War #Microsoft #Xbox One
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