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Club Nintendo peeps and more get free Kid Icarus AR cards

4:00 AM on 03.14.2012

Tony Ponce


One of the hooks of the upcoming Kid Icarus: Uprising is the use of AR Cards to play special augmented reality minigames. The game itself will come with six cards randomly drawn from a pool of 20, but there are still tons of others to obtain. How can you get your greedy hands on some of the more elusive cards?

The easiest way is to be a Club Nintendo member. While supplies last, members can visit the Kid Icarus: Uprising card giveaway page and order a pack that includes "Great Reaper," "Drill Arm," and a rare "Palutena." If you aren't a member -- and really, you ought to be if you want to have some kind of proof of your digital purchases -- sign-ups are always free.

In addition, Game Informer and Nintendo Power subscribers will receive exclusive cards of their own, as will the first 250 Kid Icarus: Uprising purchasers on launch day at the Nintendo World Store. Packs will also be distributed at various events throughout the year, such as WonderCon and PAX East. So fire up the collector's spirit within and start hunting, you rabid consumer monkeys!

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Tony Ponce
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