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Chief Thunder teased as next Killer Instinct character

7:45 PM on 07.14.2013

Wesley Ruscher

Former Contributor

Missing in action since the original KI

[Update: Added a video of the KI trailer below. Skip to 0.54 to get to the teaser portion.]

Microsoft and Double Helix have been doing their best to keep the hype train rolling for the recently revived Xbox One fighter Killer Instinct.

Proceeding a live demonstration at EVO 2013, that showcased the first three announced characters (Jago, Saberwulf, and Glacius), a brief trailer ran showing off some of the game's latest features like "Counter Breakers." It was at the end of this trailer where a little glimpse of who the next character might just be.

Nothing more than a tomahawk hitting a tree was shown. But it's enough for fans (myself included) to speculate that the Native American warrior, Chief Thunder, is making a return to the KI roster. 

Hopefully this holds to be the case. I was pretty bummed when my second favorite character in the franchise missed the cut in the sequel. Now can they just announce Orchid already?

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Wesley Ruscher
Former Contributor

8:30 PM on 05.04.2015
Killer Instinct update

Killer Instinct fans maxed out the community fund in under 72 hours

$50K is going to EVO 2015
1:00 PM on 04.30.2015
Killer Instinct update

You can now support Killer Instinct tourney pots with the Shadow Jago pack

For $20
3:00 AM on 04.28.2015
Killer Instinct update

Cinder's bringing his hot stuff to Killer Instinct April 30

Get it? Because he's fire? Eh I'm wasted on you lot
10:30 AM on 04.20.2015
Killer Instinct update

Check out Killer Instinct's Cinder in all his burning glory

Another great addition
8:00 PM on 03.26.2015
Killer Instinct update

Killer Instinct gets a spooky ghost and a human torch

Season 2 is getting hot hot hot
9:00 AM on 03.09.2015
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Killer Instinct's Hisako looks like one of the most unique fighters yet

7:00 PM on 02.20.2015
Killer Instinct update

Killer Instinct is getting a multi-faced golem and a 'Ghost Girl'

Available Feb. 27 with the Ultra Edition, March 5 with the Combo Breaker Edition
6:30 AM on 01.09.2015
Killer Instinct update

Iron Galaxy is teasing Omen, a new Killer Instinct character

He looks sufficiently evil
10:00 AM on 12.16.2014
Killer Instinct update

Riptor is looking pretty killer in her new Killer Instinct trailer

From Ultratech
8:00 AM on 12.15.2014
Killer Instinct update

Riptor is coming to Killer Instinct this week

Clever girl

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