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CES: Cross-platform Vita to PS3 Wipeout action tested

5:45 PM on 01.12.2012
CES: Cross-platform Vita to PS3 Wipeout action tested photo

The Wipeout franchise will bring about the first cross-platform functionality between Vita and PS3. Sony tells us that many more titles are in the works, but for now it all kicks off in Vita's launch window with Wipeout 2048.

We got our hands on the upcoming Vita title and found out that it plays nicely with PS3 title Wipeout HD Fury. Shared Fury tracks on the Vita are race-able against PS3 players in a cross-platform mode. Both Conrad and I took on one of the producers of the game, our two Vita systems against his PS3 controller. Matching up only took a few seconds, and play went off without a hitch. Surprisingly, Conrad won. 

For those wondering how Wipeout 2048 is looking, I have good news. It looks great, standing up nicely to the PS3 game running right alongside it. There's great lighting and a nice sense of speed. I used the standard steering configuration (analog stick and shoulder buttons), but there's also a touch and tilt steering option, not unlike an iPhone racer.

For the Vita launch window, the only other cross play you'll see is in Warrior's Lair, which uses cloud game saves to continue play on another Vita or a PS3. Let's hope that Sony takes advantage of the Vita's high graphic spec and connectivity features to create more titles with cross-platform features.

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