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CES 2008: Guitar Hero Air Guitar Rocker not just a fancy cash-in ... really

8:23 AM on 01.08.2008 // Nick Chester

This one's for all of you sour-pusses who say things like "Why don't you just play a real instrument?" every time the subject of Guitar Hero comes up. A new toy by Jada Toys, Inc. takes it to the next level, allowing non-musicians to rock without a guitar or the use of a videogame system and guitar peripheral.
The Guitaro Hero Air Guitar Rocker ships with a belt, guitar pics, and mini-amplifier. When wanna-be rockers strap on the belt and strum across its buckle, a guitar will sound. The kooky gadget ships with an "Air Cartridge" featuring 10 guitar riffs, including those made famous by Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Motorhead, Van Halen, and Boston. While how fast you strum determines the tempo, I'm not sure where difficulty comes into play; Jada says the riffs range in skill level from one to five. 
To anyone who thinks this neat little gimmick concept sounds like a quick cash-in on the popularity of the Guitar Hero franchise, think again! 
"The Air Guitar Rocker is a unique product that captures the attitude of the Guitar Hero franchise perfectly," said Charles Huang, vice president of business development at Activision/Red Octane, "allowing rock fans and air guitar enthusiasts the opportunity to jam at will to some of the greatest guitar riffs of all-time."
The Guitar Hero Air Guitar Rocker will be available in stores this March for a suggested retail price of $29.99.


Innovative Electronic Toy Extends the Fantasy with No Guitar or Video Game System Required

First Ever Product for Air Guitar Enthusiasts and Rock Fans to Hit Shelves March 2008

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA - January 8, 2007 - Jada Toys, Inc. unveiled today at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the Guitar Hero Air Guitar Rocker, an innovative electronic toy based on Activision, Inc.'s  (Nasdaq: ATVI) blockbuster video game franchise, Guitar Hero®.   With this new toy, consumers are able to unlock their inner rock star anywhere and jam to signature guitar riffs made famous by Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Motorhead, Van Halen and Boston, as well as five original Air Guitar Rocker™ freestyle riffs.  Available in stores in March 2008 for a suggested retail price of $29.99, the Guitar Hero Air Guitar Rocker will be on hand for demonstrations at CES in the Jada Toys, Inc. booth # 72349 at the Sands Hotel Convention Center.

"Jada has a stellar reputation of delivering high quality, trend-setting toys," said Charles Huang, vice president of business development at Activision/RedOctane. "The Air Guitar Rocker is a unique product that captures the attitude of the Guitar Hero franchise perfectly, allowing rock fans and air guitar enthusiasts the opportunity to jam at will to some of the greatest guitar riffs of all-time."

The Guitar Hero Air Guitar Rocker features patented technology which includes guitar pics and a rockin' belt buckle that, when connected to a wearable, mini-amplifier, allows run-of-the-mill rock fans to transform into legendary guitarists.  With an air guitar in hand, the user waves the pic over the belt buckle to determine the tempo of the song.  The product comes with an Air Cartridge™ that features 10 guitar riffs, ranging in skill level from 1-5, including Black Sabbath's "Iron Man," Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water," Motorhead's "Ace of Spades," Van Halen's "You Really Got Me", Boston's "More Than a Feeling," and five original Air Guitar Rocker freestyle riffs.  Users are encouraged to listen to the demo tracks, then try to master the riffs on their own.  The product can also be connected to external speakers to really rock the house!

"Jada's motto is 'Keeping It Real' and we're confident we did just that with the Guitar Hero Air Guitar Rocker," said Jack Li, chief executive officer of Jada Toys, Inc.  "Our innovative product pays homage to the great Guitar Hero brand by extending the fantasy of being a rock star to an exciting new format."

The Guitar Hero Air Guitar Rocker will be available at retailers nationwide in March for a suggested retail price of $29.99.   In the months following launch, Jada will introduce new buckles and new Air Cartridges,™ featuring more legendary heavy metal and new 80's rock riff assortments.


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