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KyWii avatarKyWii
Happy Thanksgiving all! Load up on carbs and then get back to playing Fallout 4.
Archelon avatarArchelon
New extended television spot for The Force Awakens! [youtube][/youtube]
TheKodu avatarTheKodu
I dunno if I just had a freak incident but I think Ubisoft may have just changed the Renown gain in Rainbow Six Siege to be less shit as in overnight they've patched it. If true, kinda good on them.
Atleastimhousebroken avatarAtleastimhousebroken
Does it mess with anyone else's head that when beating a SMBW level in Mario Maker the music doesn't do that little 'booowoo oop' at the end. [youtube][/youtube]
ScreamAid avatarScreamAid
I've developed a new hobby to indulge in while on Skype with friends: creating stupid Sonic OCs. I have so much fun making them for some weird reason, and once I have enough of them I might as well post a c-blog of them, am I right? Look out in the future
El Dango avatarEl Dango
SeymourDuncan17 avatarSeymourDuncan17
Boy howdy, does Divinity: Original Sin take a while to get going. But, it was worth it in the end. Probably the most hardcore RPG I've played. Stellar writing, at that! Combat's pretty amazing too. [img][/img]
FlanxLycanth avatarFlanxLycanth
So it seems I've locked into the Neutral ending for SMT IV and now I need to find specific challenge quests and complete them...? How (un)fun! Google is your friend - the videogame.
Riobux avatarRiobux
Interested in playing some Pathfinder? Trying to arrange a Dtoid Pathfinder group for Saturday nights (GMT) on Skype & Roll 20. If you're new to pen-and-paper RPGs, I don't mind at all and can bring you up to speed quick. Just comment if interested.
Fuzunga avatarFuzunga
Local convention had a great selection of game soundtracks 5 for $20! I got Halo 3: ODST (2 disk!), Gears of War 2, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Darksiders 2 (2 disk!), and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. Some of the best soundtracks of the last 7 years!
Niero Desu avatarNiero Desu
Photos and videos are back on quickposts but clipping on some devices. We're going to add a new quickpost editing interface so photos and videos can only be displayed one way (a la twitter) to solve this. Also, a My cBlog link was added to your user menu
Flegma avatarFlegma
Machine-washed my Wii Fit meter yesterday by accident. Took the battery out and let it dry for the night. Luckily the meter still worked - but it had counted a fair number of steps more that day.
Agent9 avatarAgent9
Finally killed Ludwig, now if I could only get passed the 2 hunters on the second floor. that 2 some is rather annoying,and her holy blade kills in only a few hits. wish mine was that strong.
Casus Gaming avatarCasus Gaming
After reading a blog post about DMC4 I decided to watch all the cutscenes on Youtube. Tried the games years ago and couldn't get into them, but man that shit was stylish. Likeable protagonists, intense drama... still think DmC reboot wasn't that bad tho.
lewness avatarlewness
me on 1st ff14 raid (void ark): ooh so many people and lights, so many lights, lights, fuck I can't see, what is happening, i don't understand, is it tuesday already, get on the platform fuuuuck, wow void helm
Pixie The Fairy avatarPixie The Fairy
Just a reminder that you have until the 30th to get your Bloggers Wanted post, "Thankful it's over" in. I'm either going to tell you how I ruined my best online gaming experience or rip Twilight Princess a new one. Maybe both.
Nekrosys avatarNekrosys
Huh. I just found out the developers of Hatred (remember that controversy?) region-locked their game to prevent it from being accessed by Australians. Destructive Creations are more censor-happy than Nintendo, it seems. Where's the outrage?
Oh yeah, I have an account on this site.
Parismio avatarParismio
Ever wanted to get that item behind that safe in the beginning of Fallout 4?:
Shinta avatarShinta
Got Resident Evil 4 Wii for $5. Uh ... this might be my favorite version. I'm just getting headshots nonstop. Did I miss any other Wii games that are frequently overlooked? Like, really obscure Wii games that no one talks about? I'm interested.
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Pixie The Fairy . Nov 25

Robin secretly controls the boobs of Nintendo characters. She stole the Xenoblade boobs and took the Fatal Frame lingerie for herself. #DammitRobin


FlanxLycanth . Nov 25

Fuck racism man, shit ain't fair. Can't stand it and I shouldn't have to. Nobody should.


StriderHoang . Nov 24

Super Destructoid Community Interviews Hyper Encore ##Reload

Hello everyone! This is one of your community managers, Striderhoang. Who the fuck am I? So far I promote the occasional cblog when I have time and recap Wednesdays. Obviously, you're here because you remember the good old da...   0

GoofierBrute . Nov 24

If you stop to think about it, Thanksgiving is basically #Darksiders2: The Holiday.


SpielerDad . Nov 24

Better with Age: Classic Games Just Look Better... For Now

I’m not a big fan of the term ‘better with age’ since many things are simply not better than age. Sure, things like wine, scotch, and some cheeses are better with some age. Technology? Not so much.Ever notice that no o...   0

Dreamweaver . Nov 22

Comments of the Week - Shadow of the Night

Welcome back to Comment of the Week. I'm your hero, your icon — some might even say your savior — Dreamweaver. What is it that I do, you may ask? I wander around in this cesspool we call the comment section, in order to s...   0

MeanderBot . Nov 22

An Unofficial Destructoid Christmas Card

I seem to be fond of starting projects for you guys. Probably because it’s the best/only audience I have at the moment to shower with unsolicited art. And occasionally someone enjoys it. I like it when that happens. Any...   0

Alphadeus . Nov 20

Bandcamp introduced a new feature that lets people buy my entire discography for a discount (I set it to 50%), so all my music (18 albums) is available for $23 ^^ Songs for Gamers is still free. Bandcamp Link


Dreamweaver . Nov 19

I'm not horsing around... but she is! (Oh, this is totally NSFW)

Man, it's been a long time since I did a hentai blog. See, I've been out on runs scouting the very best comments for Comments of the Week, but in doing so meant that I left a huge hole in your horny hearts by depriving you of...   0

CblogRecaps . Nov 18

Cblogs of 11/17/15 - Clam in the Front

Hey Destructoid, it’s me, Wutangclam, writing to you for the first time ever as an omnipotent and omnipresent Cblog Recapper. I’m excited and eager to be helping out with these recaps and I hope I don’t much things up t...   0

LinkSlayer64 . Nov 18

Well, due to a weird comment about new monster names, I present my latest 'shop. (Much less effort put in than Occams, I could not find a decent photo of Chris so I said screw it.) Presenting, "Christ" Carter:


MeanderBot . Nov 17



mrandydixon . Nov 17



Torchman . Nov 16

Finally got around to installing Fallout 4... Downloading at 250 KB/S. Fuck my life, fuck the ISP, and fuck my archaic wireless router that no one will let me upgrade since the last one failed(which also had higher speeds. Coincidence? I think not)


Niero Desu . Nov 15

When I open up my flagged comments queue to moderate:


Dreamweaver . Nov 15

Comments of the Week - Atom bomb baby, little atom bomb

Welcome back everyone to Comments of the Week! This is basically Destructoid's version of "America's Funniest Home Video," where yours truly gathers all the comments he could find this week that's worth sharing with you folks...   0

MeanderBot . Nov 14

Presented without context


Pixie The Fairy . Nov 13

Apron Sonic is the best new Amiibo.


EdgyDude . Nov 13

I didn't understand the Starbucks cup kerfuffle until someone explained it to me:


Pixie The Fairy . Nov 12

Give Cloud the alt costume we all really want in Smash.


El Dango . Nov 12

My neighbour's mom is a Nigerian prince who works at Nintendo and knows the secret to penis enlargement. If you don't copy this and mail it to your boss at least 80 times, your face will disappear. Ignore if you hate puppies and kittens.


Archelon . Nov 11

I just wanted to wish a Happy Veterans Day to everyone here on Destructoid who has served, is serving, or has a loved one (or loved ones) in the military. Thank you for defending the freedoms we enjoy and, often, take for granted.


Serethyn . Nov 11

Why didn't I get Super Mario 3D World earlier? Gosh. It's pure, unadulterated gaming joy!


techsupport . Nov 10

Received employee of the month, a $5 / hr pay raise, and Fallout 4 today. If my dick was any harder, I'd have to see a doctor.


LinkSlayer64 . Nov 10

Here's my photoshop of Occams as Wobbuffet, no context needed (link's too long and I don't want anyone to go back there.) Know only that it arose during the Fallout of the Fallout 4 Review comment section.


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