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StriderHoang avatarStriderHoang
If Undertale isn't your GOTY 2015, then you are sorely mistaken [img][/img]
Deadgar64 avatarDeadgar64
Sleep? Who needs sleep? 12:44 am can eat my shorts.
OverlordZetta avatarOverlordZetta
[img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]
Amna Umen avatarAmna Umen
Anyone else getting massive lag in between games of the Battlefront Beta? I'm running an AMD rig so it might be that but just want to know it's not just me.
Shinta avatarShinta
1 hour stream of Dragon Quest Heroes.
MeanderBot avatarMeanderBot
Plague Knight is pretty rad, even when represented by mediocre artists [img][/img]
Shinta avatarShinta
Initial impressions: Chibi-Robo Zip lash is pretty damn fun so far. It's like Mr. Mosquito + Castlevania + Umihara. Controls are spot on, platforming is actually very solid so far, and the characters are about as charming as they can get. +amiibo.
nanashi avatarnanashi
Question: Is resident evil nemesis supposed to start off with a toolbox that has (unlimited) ink ribbon, 250 handgun ammo, magnum (w/ammo), shotgun (w/ammo) and two assault clips, in the first room of the game?????
OverlordZetta avatarOverlordZetta
[img][/img] Much want. Such need. Ow.
Shinta avatarShinta
[img][/img] Can you imagine if greedy aliens stole all YOUR snacks? I don't even know how I'd handle it honestly. I don't even want to think about it.
Mike Martin avatarMike Martin
Great. YouTube took down my nude re - enactment of She-Wolf. Again. Fuck you Shakira. Let my art shine.
RadicalYoseph avatarRadicalYoseph
BREAKING: Inner city man and "Pokemon Go" enthusiast found dead after entering rival gang's territory. "All he wanted was a Shiny Charizard!" according to an interview with a close friend. "We found him on the street, limp as a Magikarp stuck on a beach."
GoofierBrute avatarGoofierBrute
I completely forgot that Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow had an animated opening. Other than the compression, it actually looks really good today, and makes me wonder why Konami didn't commission some sort of Castlevania anime. That would have been sweet.
Cosmonstropolis avatarCosmonstropolis
Gamestop has Splatoon amiibo up, if that's your thing. Totally didn't order and just cancel mine.
OverlordZetta avatarOverlordZetta
Anyone else having issues with italics in blogs? I went to save a draft, and when it loaded the post-saving creature I was working on, the entire text had been italicized and I now am unable to change it back. I've been possessed!
So that's $50 for the season pass on top of the game already costing sixty at launch, plus the monthly subscription fee for playing online on consoles. All in the name of getting the full experience! VYDEO_GEAMEZ!!
BroskiTheChocobo avatarBroskiTheChocobo
Why hello there. My name is Broski and I am new here so be nice. I'll be posting some content over the next few days so have a read and I hope you enjoy it. Broski out.
Agent9 avatarAgent9
tired but I gotta work. Would rather play more MGS5.
Batthink avatarBatthink
Races have been pretty intense, and the last Moto3 race in MotoGP 14 should have been too. Emphasis on the word [i]should[/i]. The AI riders ignored infringements in the last race, meaning everyone was disqualified except me. Derp.
Batthink avatarBatthink
Been playing MotoGP 14 on my Vita. A bit buggy (some menus you need to press circle to go back, then cross to select to proceed, otherwise nothing happens. And motorcycling helmets riding motorcycles in-race), but I've got the sweet spot in difficulty.
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TheLimoMaker . Oct 12

PS Plus Games of the Month - Feat. GajKnight and Lawman

So, whilst perusing through Destructoid I realised something. I came to the realisation that nobody was reviewing what games were being given to Playstation users for free, mainly because the games that are being given to us ...   0

Robo Panda Z . Oct 11

Attention Dtoid; I come bearing an important message. Butts.


Dreamweaver . Oct 11

Comments of the Week - So our country could win.

Welcome back to another round of Comments of the Week! Yes, that's right, it's time to pick up the very best comments that the community has been putting down, you know what I'm saying? There's no need to search far and wide ...   0

Torchman . Oct 10

Watching Berserk for the first time this week. Good god I wish I had watched this sooner, I'm addicted.


MeanderBot . Oct 09

I made this. Want one?


Rico the Penguin . Oct 08

Retailers Suck

Today I posted, what I thought, was a fairly clear and uncontroversial point. What followed was a few parts snark, a few parts well reasoned (but entirely off topic) replies, and just a whole lot of people getting off into...   0

Nic Rowen . Oct 07

One year at Destructoid

Yesterday marked my first official year as a writer for Dtoid. I don't normally celebrate milestones, but this seemed like one worth taking a moment to reflect on. As I said a year ago, writing about games is something I've w...   0

CblogRecaps . Oct 07

So assuming the terrible blog tools functions correctly, soon there may be a nefarious call to arms. So keep an eye out and hope there isn't a typo due to light-grey on white background text.


Scary Granules . Oct 07

Glowbear has published a book!

Glowbear aka Claire has her first book Magpies and Shifty Sheep is available now on Amazon. Please help spread the word and all proceeds will be donated to Cancer Research Charities, after surviving rounds with it herself. Thanks Dtoid folk!   0

Dreamweaver . Oct 04

Comments of the Week - In a place they'd never look

Welcome back to Comments of the Week! As some of the more popular kids know, this is THE spot to check out some of the latest and greatest comments said by community members such as yourselves, all in one place! So whether o...   0

Alphadeus . Oct 02

The Ultimate Alphadeus Music Promotion Blog

Hello friends. My name is Alphadeus, as many of you probably already know :p I've been wanting to write a music promotion blog for a while. I've written tons of music, and I love sharing it with you guys. While I do not have ...   0

n0signal . Oct 02

Band of Bloggers: HD Remastered 3D Definitive Edition!!

October 2015:This month sees the release of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, a 1080p 60fps remaster of the three Naughty Dog games originally released on the PlayStation 3, but now lovingly re-released onto PS4 and we'...   0

Elsa . Oct 01

50 Shades of Gaming

Sooo... it's been a long time since I've blogged, but I've been involved in a time consuming legal case that goes before the courts again in December and have also had several surgeries this year because my "in situ" cance...   0

Jed Whitaker . Sep 30

Only old school Dtoid Cbloggers will remember:


Bardley . Sep 29

One Year on Destructoid!

How time flies! It’s hard to believe a year has passed since I caved in and made a profile here at Destructoid. Like many folks around here, I lurked for quite a while before finally joining, and I’m glad I did. For a num...   0

Pixie The Fairy . Sep 27

An Etrian Odyssey game that finally uses Miiverse? What is this weird magic?


Dreamweaver . Sep 27

Comments of the Week - You have eyes. What do your eyes see?

Welcome back to another Comments of the Week! If you don't know what it is by now, you've either missed out, or have really short term memory. This is a community showcase where I compile all of your comments and place them ...   0

Brittany Vincent . Sep 26

The prodigal daughter (?) returns

...but only momentarily. Do these things still work? Is this thing on...? What's going on with this server time thing?  Uh, hello! Hello, Destructoid friends! I thought I'd stop by for a bit and see what you guys are up...   0

Friday Night Fights . Sep 21

Friday Night Fights: Not Quite There Edition

  Well, I feel pretty awful so I'll keep this relatively brief. SOMA is out and it begins what will be the beginning of the gaming season for me. It's been a slow crawl for me these last few months but we'll all soon be ...   0

Dreamweaver . Sep 20

Comments of the Week - Major... I'M BURNING UP!

Who is doing this? Such a lust for comments... WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!? Hello there, my friends. Welcome back to Comments of the Week, hosted by yours truly. This is the number one community showcase on the block, and it'...   0

Sr Churros . Sep 19

Good morning, Dtoid.


KyWii . Sep 17

I'm coming the place where I belong

  Hide your kids, hide your wife...well maybe not. I mean I'm not gay or anything... It's been about a month...and let me tell you all that it's been a very long, frustrating month. A month ago...I decided that my time ...   0

SeymourDuncan17 . Sep 15

Oh, my medication...


Captain Merica . Sep 14

Destructoid Avatar Adoption at PAX Prime 2015

  Also Pics.  The journey to PAX is a trek I try to make each year since I first went in 2009 and is worth the trip if you can make it. That has become increasingly difficult in years past with the growing popularit...   0

SeymourDuncan17 . Sep 13

Alamo City Comic-Con was better than infinite ice cream minus the fat/diabetes

Last year, I went to my first ever convention: the Alamo City Comic-Con. I got to meet plenty of fellow dorks, famous faces, and spend way too much money. It was such a wonderful social experience and to say that it was life...   0

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