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To celebrate my 100th post I will use my own homemade fireworks. Let see here.. OH SHI...


I will, occasionally, find the need to just say "Jonathan Holmes" out loud or substitute it in lyrics of songs that are stuck in my head. It's a good thing.


Welp, game gave me Maxinger Z in the 4th mission. You're getting back in my good books for taking away Roger, but you still have much to do.


The other games in the Friends of Nintendo Humble Bundle have been revealed: Swords & Soldiers II for WiiU, Nano Assault EX for 3DS, and Runbow for WiiU. Not sure how to feel about those...


And later the same review states "Fans of console first-person shooters or the Alien film series will probably be better off waiting for Fox's recently announced Aliens: Colonial Marines for the PlayStation 2."


Let me be clear, I never actually killed those Nep Neps. It was negligent nepslaughter at best!


http://gonintendo.com/stories/257018-limited-run-games-interested-in-physical-na-release-for-phoenix-w Support this! Please! Even if it's just to help preserve them in North America, support them! Help get these released physically!


"Haha! Your demise will be slow and agonizing, haha!


Doing a mind numbing project for one of the Lizard People pretending to be a human that is my coworker, because she's incapable of doing it herself. That is the definition of incompetence right?


Waiting for your car to get worked on at the dealership is a level of banality surpassed only by the DMV. Even my 2DS can't save me from its soul-sucking existential horror.


I was planning to donate plasma this morning for some quick cash, but what I'm assuming are my newfound allergies started acting up (or a cold). I'm gonna have to try tomorrow - no literal blood money for me!


Just checked IGN. Saw 13 Call of Duty related things on the front page. Assumed fetal position.


Told you since day 1 Overwatch would be great. The same way I've been telling you since day 1 Mirror's Edge will be perfectly fine. As a rule of thumb, listen to me and everything will be OK-USA.


Hmm, 69th quickpost. To exercise restraint is the dignified approach..... Nahhhhh.


Yeah, remember when Quickposts were taken over by catgirls? Well, following in Meanderbot's lead, I decided to redraw one of my other original characters (I have dozens) as a catgirl. Here's Mayuki, who is supposed to be this pudgy girl loves to eat. Yay?


It only took 4 years, but I have an interview at a small production company Friday. I would say I am excited, but I am very tired too. Not I have to go shopping for clothes to wear at it XD


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