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I'm new to eBay and did my first snipe and won on a bid. Feel bad for the guy who probably looked at the 30 seconds left on the item thinking he would win but also so satisfying to metaphorically take candy from that baby




mmmmmmmmmmm that Persona 5 trailer is a fine way to wake up. Also could Torch have found P5 best girl? Perhaps, but only time will tell.


I warn anyone who sees this in the future that is anticipating Persona 5, today's footage will ruin you for marriage. To the game, anyway, but that's all that matters, right?


I really want to try Overwatch, but with my connection, it won't be done downloading until the open beta is over.


People bitching about the Modern Warfare Remaster being locked behind Infinite Warfare's CE need to remember one thing: Modern Warfare 2's CE had Call of Duty classic as an exclusive for a few months. It sold separately at a later date. Fuck!


As the Nuzlocke continues I'm starting to feel bad for naming my Stantler 'Bitchface', considering he's more than pulling his weight. We still mourn Flowersaur, but Seras (now Crobat) has become the new main 'mon.


Looking forward to checking out Overwatch in the beta for the first time tonight.


Now listening to old music 11 - Tears For Fears - Shout


Parents surprised me with a sweet Amazon gift card for graduating/birthday. Think it's about time to grab a PS4, Uncharted 4, and Bloodborne.


Holy crap. Pyromancy turned Dancer into a joke too. Dis shit OP as fuck...


OMG everyone, the ending Of Uncharted 4 is amazing! Drake was the origami killer, Elana was dead all along and Sully was the father! Mind blown!


I have a feeling that Jed really, really, really want to play as Lady Link. Call it a hunch.


I really, really, really want to play as lady Link. Come on Nintendo, don't let me down at E3!


It took me over 250 hours but I finally got the platinum for Soul Sacrifice Delta, making it so I have the plat for both games now.


Why is it that all the girls I wanna bang turn out to be lesbians? Happened at least 5 times so far. Perhaps my gaydar is broken.


After finding out what this month's Bloggers Wanted prompt is, I decided to commit blog necromancy and revive a post I wrote about Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC AND the anime Angel Beats! That's right, I used to write blogs before doing Comments of the Week!


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