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Ep. 19 Records Tonight!

AHHH we're recording tonight, and Kymiko is your host! Help us ask her questions like: "Will she ruin this?", "Do women belong in podcasts?", or "Why is she so awesome?" (spoilers, it's all the curse words. They're like ...   more

Ep. 19 Records Tonight!

Is Your Avatar kinda lonely? Why not let me adopt it!!

That's right for a limited time only you, yes you Dear Dtoider can have your Avatar Adopted™ at the incredibly low low cost of FREE!!!! At a bedrock low price like that you'd have to be absolutely crazy not to let ...   more

Using the Bartle Test to Gamify Your Life

A few years ago, at the behest of a friend of mine, I took the Bartle Test of Gamer Psychology. Naturally, I didn't think that an online test to judge my "gamer psyche" would be valid, nor did I think, contrary to what&n...   more

Using the Bartle Test to Gamify Your Life

How to be unproductive at work.

I'm REALLY into Final Fantasy 14 at the moment. Being at work with no tasks running I decided to look around the little we know about the upcoming Heavensward Expansion. One of the new classes we'll be getting in the exp...   more

How to be unproductive at work.

Cblogs of 02/02/2015 + I don't wanna write recaps on my birthday-isms!

I was supposed post this sometime yesterday but got sidetracked, working on a little something for you guys, from every one of us in the recap team (which should go up really soon). Among other things. It's well past mi...   more

Doom 4 and the 10 unholy commandments

(Before we start this, please leave all references to Futurama, Invader Zim and Nintendo outside. Thank you.) Doom 4 is a thing that's happening, whether you like it or not. You should like it, of course, but sadly, you...   more

Doom 4 and the 10 unholy commandments

Ooh, what’s over there?! #1: Battling behemoths, frozen forever

What with Strider specifically asking me to blog more often, I felt like it was time to get off my lazy butt and start getting back in the game. Do I even have the time for this? Good lord no, but I’m doing it...   more

Sonytoid: Hoffmann can't believe the Playstation 2 is 15 year old today

Yup, just read it and of my most favourite Sony consoles ever, the Playstation 2 was released exactly 15 years ago in Japan and some months later in the rest of the world. I took my time to get that consol...   more

Destructoid 9 - WayForward 25

Just a quick memo for the dazed and confused waking to the achy and boozey aftermath of a Mike Martin sexual rampage from last night. It was all in good fun; see, it's our ninth anniversary. And...   more

Destructoid 9 - WayForward 25

Of Dragon Age and Bunches of Jokers

So not too long ago, I did a post on Xenoblade Chronicles that took a look at its story.  That’s fine and all, but I’m wary of the fact that I didn’t really talk about the gameplay -- which, you k...   more

Of Dragon Age and Bunches of Jokers


- This post slightly deals with the addiction to videogame consumption I had some years ago. Though this post refers to videogame consumption habits, this could really apply to a lot of people caught up in the ...   more


9 Dtoiders I'd Like To F**k

How the fuck is someone like me supposed to sit down and pick nine of you to feature in a list like this? All the friendships I've made, those I've tried to help, those that have helped me.... man. As a longtime member ...   more

Hee-ho! Here is literally all of the best Persona 5 fanart I could find

Only semi-related, but I also found this. So adorable! All it took was a single well done piece to send me on a manic search for literally every great Persona 5 fan do-up I could find. I didn't think I'd ever do a blog ...   more

Former 38 Studios Founder Exposes Twitter Trolls

You can mess with the man, but don’t mess with his family. A couple of Twitter trolls learned that the hard way after posting some vile tweets directed at former Red Sox pitcher and 38 Studios founder, Curt Schilli...   more

Cold William and the Nifty Nine +1

Hey there. Feels like ages since I've posted anything in the c-blogs. Ever since I left the FNF stuff behind I feel like I've kinda disconnected from Destructoid and the community in general.  Weird. Anywho, I'm her...   more

Weekly Top 5: Open World Games

Whenever I make a top 5, I always do it the same way: I choose a topic, create a list of games that I think may make the final cut, whittle it down to the five (plus an honorable mention), rank them as I see fit, and th...   more

Nintendo Announces The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD-II

In a move to be seen as more forward-thinking than other video game publishers, Nintendo has announced that they will be working on a remaster of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD for the Wii U. “We were sick ...   more

How the mighty fast have fallen: Sega calls it

Allegedly, Sega is shifting away from developing games to focus its efforts entirely, or almost entirely, on the phone/mobile games market reports say. There are more recent findings suggesting that they aren't 100% out...   more

Cblogs of 3-1-2015 + Mr. Spock-isms!

The news about Leonard Nimoy passing away wasn't something that met me with great sadness. When he announced that he was retiring from voice work a while back with Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, I was cool with that. H...   more

Majora march: Rediscovering  Termina – Just as good as before

I was one of the people who liked the original majoras mask. I didn’t buy into the BS about the game not being like OoT and there for being inferior. For a game with only 4 dungeons it is actually a rather large ga...   more

Majora march: Rediscovering  Termina – Just as good as before

Career Interview with a Literal Shield

The majority of us go to our jobs every day with a certain assurance of safety. Even if there are physical hazards, we'll likely not come to harm, so long as we follow the rules. But when your job is dealing with the sa...   more

Saking’s Top Ten Favorite Games/Franchises of All Time

The following is a list of the ten games or franchises that left such an impact on me as a gamer and person that I still remember them fondly to this day. Whether it was a strong narrative, innovative gameplay, or just f...   more

Saking’s Top Ten Favorite Games/Franchises of All Time

March's Band of Bloggers Event: Hello, Hyrule!

Hello my friends! Your regular host Scholarly Gamer is a bit busy and so I am here to introduce the new month's BoB event! Last month's Fallout theme had a solid turnout and we'd like to thank all of you for participati...   more

Comic Podcast (With a slight addition of video games)

So I have decided to go through with my idea of a comic podcast and create a comic podcasts, but it will surely delve into video games on occasion and possibly other things. That being said I would like to keep it at lea...   more

Shade's Frozenbyte Contests, Week #1: Trine Enchanted Edition

Well I don't know about you, but I certainly read a wonderful bit of news just now. Trine 3 is happening! This year even!Man, I can't even tell you how excited I am. The Trine series is one of my favorites of all ti...   more

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