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Jul 06 // CblogRecaps

Cblogs of 7-5-15 + Fallout Feels

I have been called on to do my duties as a reservist yet again! Here are a few things I have on my mind. Updates for my "Too Many Games to Play" Blog: It has been said a few times but backlogs are long. We live at a time wh...
Jul 06 // Chist


Greetings charlatans! Once again breaking my decision of not writing on Dtoid, this time I'm here to inform you all of an indie game I stumbled upon browsing the front page of imgur. Currently in active development by a smal...
Jul 05 // TheLimoMaker

Game to Animation - "Guess who's back."

Well bitches, I'm back. It's been one hell of a two weeks for me, filled with both good and bad, but most importantly it has been filled with video games. I completed a few of those on I listed on my fist ever blog (Silent Hi...
Jul 05 // Mike Martin

I Miss You

It’s been a year. Oh, what a year it has been my friend. So much darkness, so much light. I know, I’m a drama queen sometimes. Can’t help it. It’s not easy wrestling with all this, especially when I h...
Jul 05 // n0signal

REVIEW: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (PS4)

My ‘Month of Final Fantasy’ has officially come to an end, and to be honest I didn’t get through as much stuff as I wanted, but I did finish Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call (and reviewed it very hig...
Jul 05 // ShadeOfLight

Better with Age: Batman - Arkham Asylum

In Darkest Knight, no evil shall escape my sight There was a time, not too long ago, when it seemed impossible to make a good superhero game. You'd think that such a game would be easy to do well: you're a good guy who may o...
Jul 05 // Lord Spencer

Wii Reviews: Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love

For those reading one of my Wii review blogs for the first time, here is the basic concept: The Wii is often mocked for its game library, yet, it actually has a solid list of exclusives that are unavailable anywehere else. Th...
Jul 05 // Manchild

The Conversation

Last night I ate the best fucking hamburger I've ever had in my life. I also worked until almost two in the morning and had to wake up at eight with my kids. This is my life right now, but in the midst of the chaos of closing...
Jul 05 // CblogRecaps

Cblogs of 7/4/15 - Splatoon and Arkham Knight

As you know, first American Splatfest came out on one of the greatest holiday's in the world: July 4th. While people were shooting fireworks and getting drunk, I was busy repping Team Dog with my hound homies. I haven't don...
Jul 04 // OverlordZetta

Has Inafune unleashed two more years of drama on the internet?

Comcept is at it again! RED ASH has been officially announced today, seemingly meant to take after the Mega Man Legends games, and the internet is already abuzz with talk about it... Or maybe I should say aflame? If you've b...
Jul 04 // ooktar

Why Her Story works and Gone Home doesn't.

I've voiced my rather harsh opinion about Gone Home a number of times around here. I even went as far as to say it was my most hated game of 2013. I haven't touched the game since I played it back then and my opinion hasn't c...
Jul 04 // Retrofraction

I bought a Playstation TV

I am really excited!!! I bought a Sony System and I am going to play the games that I never have really been able to play since high school when I hanged out with friends that owned a Playstation. Guess I always have been on...
Jul 04 // Terry 309

Rambles: Game Design - The Dream And The Reality

Please note that a lot of information here is theoratical and unconfirmed, if I say something that is wrong I apologise, this is not an article to inform, moreso an article to express my views. So this kinda came up in my min...
Jul 04 // Sylveria Shini

Destructoid willfully misrepresents something, no one is shocked. (Fire Emblem)

As per usual lately, Destructoid has willfully misrepresented a LGBT issue in gaming for clicks and to stir a controversy based of tumblr idiocy. I'm refering to their coverage of the 'gay conversion' in Fire Emblem Fates. I'...
Jul 04 // CJ Andriessen

Me, Fake News & the Dying Girl

I don't know if anyone cares, but I thought I'd take this opportunity to explain what's happening with me and my "hilarious" fake news pieces. As some of you have already seen, I am now on the main page, part of the Dtoid st...
Jul 04 // Mr T Haggar

Who am I?

It's been a week since I posted my first personal blog entry, and someone left me a message saying that I should write a little personal blog entry, just saying who I am, what I'm doing here, just to introduce myself.  S...
Jul 04 // James Internet Ego

Even the Most Virulent of Internet Scuffle-starters Can (Maybe) Be Reasoned With

So today I had an argument on the internet… about GamerGate. First a little bit of context: I don't usually pick fights on the internet and I have never been nor ever will be labeling myself as GG or anti-GG at any po...
Jul 04 // CblogRecaps

Cblogs of 7/3/15 + Farewell Theisms

Well, here we are guys, the final Theisms...for now. In case you missed it, I wrote a farewell blog this past week, as I'm going to take a step back from Dtoid in order to take care of things in my life that are more import...
Jul 04 // WiegrafFolles

Better With Age: The King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match

I first got into the King of Fighters series after picking up Capcom vs. SNK 2 from the used bin at my local Blockbuster Video and getting my first real exposure to the SNK roster of fighters. I had played some shoddy ports o...
Jul 04 // Kyle MacGregor

Hi, I'm your new Weekend Editor

Ohayou gozaimasu! I'm excited to announce that starting today I'm what Niero is calling our "chief weekend Ché." What does that mean exactly? Well, I've been charged to give our weekend coverage a kick in th...
Jul 03 // Dengar

Better with Age: Earthbound/Mother 2

  I needed this game. I found it at Walmart in a bargain-bin for either $15 or $25. I remember it was much cheaper than most games because I was a kid without a lot of money, but the box was big and colorful, a...
Jul 03 // wutangclam

Better With Age: Psychonauts

It might have been a yellow, goggle-sporting youth that changed my life. It also could have been a deranged security guard. Or a defeatist descendant of a legendary conqueror. Perhaps it was the allure of summer camp, or ment...
Jul 03 // ShadeOfLight

Bbain's Jukebox, Shade-Style: Gibberish

Boy, oh boy, has it been a long time since we've been here. Welcome back to Bbain's Jukebox! I'm making good used of my new-found "free time" with a new music blog for all y'all. I know RadicalYoseph is up for more of these, ...
Jul 03 // ScreamAid

As someone big on podcasts, here are my favorites!

One of the few things I've had yet to talk about myself is my love and dedication to podcasts. I figured that since I haven't been playing any games as of late (because I've fallen behind on podcasts and have been trying to c...
Jul 03 // KingSigy

Portal Stories: Mel - Review

With Valve having seemingly given up game development, fans of their IP's have been wondering what their next game will be. Instead of waiting, Prism Studios decided to craft an unofficial prequel to Portal 2 in the mean tim...

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