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Halflocke avatarHalflocke
Underhero a 2d side scrolling rpg on indie gogo
extatix avatarextatix
Heading off to Spiel in a bit. A whole lot of games there, just of the cardboard variety. I love me some board games.
absolutfreak avatarabsolutfreak
Finally finished The Witcher 3. Definitely one of the best games I've played in my 30 years or so of gaming. Now onward to Ground Zeroes/Phantom Pain.
Nathan D avatarNathan D
*playing an old ps1 game* "START and SELECT don't bring the menu up?! WELL WHAT THE FU-oh, it's Triangle..."
TheDefenestrator avatarTheDefenestrator
If anyone's playing Marvel Puzzle Quest (any platform) you should join my Alliance, RedRightHand, and help me kick some Galactus butt for their second anniversary event. (Please?)
Shinta avatarShinta
MGS Online Day 3. I have 3 character up to level 10 now, one in each class. They're all pretty handy, but I do miss the scout's mark speed the most on other classes.
RadicalYoseph avatarRadicalYoseph
The SW: Battlefront is pretty and has great sound design, but the gameplay is so shallow and has seemingly no depth! If the full game is like this I will be disappointed.
Torchman avatarTorchman
*looks at Amazon preorder* This one's for you Chib'
CJ Andriessen avatarCJ Andriessen
Dear Playboy: Love your video game coverage, but how about you start making some topless unboxing videos? Seeing someone unwrap a copy of Call of Duty is boring. Seeing a topless Playmate unwrap a copy of anything is awesome!
OverlordZetta avatarOverlordZetta
In happier news, Level-5 is already talking Yo-Kai Watch 2's Western release, and better/worse yet, they're considering amiibo support for the series! And hey, if they can't get Jibanyan into Smash, that'd be one way to get the West's attention.
gajknight avatargajknight
I drank a glass of Ovaltine for the first time in years today. It was nice. Like drinking a glass of my childhood, complete with ignorance, embarrassing angst, tears (so many tears) and night terrors. Ah, the good 'ol days.
OverlordZetta avatarOverlordZetta
[img][/img] This is just depressing. Digital classics on consoles are such a great idea, but it's like not a single company wants to really go through with it.
StriderHoang avatarStriderHoang
My heart will always be yours, Papyrus #2spoopy4me
GoofierBrute avatarGoofierBrute
I recently beat Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow again, but this time I played on Hard mode from scratch. Outside of dying a few times due to me being an idiot, and enemies hitting harder, it was actually easy. Like really easy.
Gamemaniac3434 avatarGamemaniac3434
Today I replated bacteria that I made take up a plamid hopefully stitched onto the genes generatlight. Taken from other dead bacteria and put into a non glowing species, to make it glow. Fucking microbiology is the best.
Pixie The Fairy avatarPixie The Fairy
It seems fairy farts are a fragrance, a soap, incense, a vaping liquid and a kind of nail polish. I'm clearly in the wrong line of work and need to eat more chili.
Cannibal Steven avatarCannibal Steven
"You gave the Lost Soul a big smile, like you remember she likes to do... For some reason she sort of wants to smile back..." I'm not crying. Not one bit.
ChrisHannard avatarChrisHannard
Just tried 'The Last Of Us' on PSNow Trial, only to be told... 'Something went wrong. Try again.' Game-appropriate error message or quickie plot-summary?
TheAngriestCarp avatarTheAngriestCarp
I hate when people say crap like "I admit that [thing] in games is problematic, but I still enjoy it" because it's an underhanded way of contradicting your own views while convincing yourself that you aren't a hypocrite.
ChillyBilly avatarChillyBilly
Well shit. I knew I was more than likely going to enjoy Star Wars Battlefront (cause you know, giant Star Wars nerd and all) but holy cow, the beta is fucking great! I need the full game like, now.
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Rico the Penguin . Oct 08

Retailers Suck

Today I posted, what I thought, was a fairly clear and uncontroversial point. What followed was a few parts snark, a few parts well reasoned (but entirely off topic) replies, and just a whole lot of people getting off into...   0

Nic Rowen . Oct 07

One year at Destructoid

Yesterday marked my first official year as a writer for Dtoid. I don't normally celebrate milestones, but this seemed like one worth taking a moment to reflect on. As I said a year ago, writing about games is something I've w...   0

ShadeOfLight . Oct 07

Who's that Dtoider?!


CblogRecaps . Oct 07

So assuming the terrible blog tools functions correctly, soon there may be a nefarious call to arms. So keep an eye out and hope there isn't a typo due to light-grey on white background text.


CblogRecaps . Oct 07

Cblog Reservist Call To Arms

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening, wherever you are. We are looking for more folks to join the Reservist Team over at the C-Blog Recaps (“Recappers?”)So while I am still not allowed to acknowledge what goes on...   0

Scary Granules . Oct 07

Glowbear has published a book!

Glowbear aka Claire has her first book Magpies and Shifty Sheep is available now on Amazon. Please help spread the word and all proceeds will be donated to Cancer Research Charities, after surviving rounds with it herself. Thanks Dtoid folk!   0

ashamasha . Oct 06

i have almost all the pieces i need to build my own Arcade machine... and the last one arrive this Saturday! Soon, one my childhood dream will became true!


PStoid . Oct 06

A new episode so soon?? Damn straight, oh and Rio is coming on so ask questions!

A new episode of PStoid records by the end of the week, joining us this time will be recapper/community member Riobux. So be sure to get your questions in, but be a gentleman about it! Discussion topics are also welcome, if y...   0

Rad Party God . Oct 04

Crypt of the NecroDancer and Valkyria Chronicles are on sale through Steam, BUY THEM, GO GO GO!


Dreamweaver . Oct 04

Comments of the Week - In a place they'd never look

Welcome back to Comments of the Week! As some of the more popular kids know, this is THE spot to check out some of the latest and greatest comments said by community members such as yourselves, all in one place! So whether o...   0

gajknight . Oct 04

Shafts of light emanated from Robo Panda Z's eyes, illuminating the intricately engraved obelisks looming impossibly above him. A whispered voice spoke from the obelisk. Do you pay too much for your Internet? Comcast. Like you have a choice.


Fuzunga . Oct 03

The Undertale review section on its Steam page is hilarious!


CO Jakyl . Oct 02

cant nobody break my stride...

...cant nobody hold me down...oh no...i got to keep on moving.I purchased the Dino rig off my buddy for a paltry $50 (its old but I got a hook up for Riva's sake).I have reinstalled GameMaker Studio:PRO, my spriting programs ...   0

Sr Churros . Oct 02

Tips: how to not not give up of RPG Maker

I was reading this post Andriessen wrote about the new RPG Maker MV being available for pre-purchase, and there was a part that really got stuck in my head. He said this: "RPG Maker, that RPG creation tool you say you're goin...   0

LinkSlayer64 . Oct 02

I'm actually feeling good. I'm gonna pick up my pills, head home and attempt to fix an old typewriter. I'm gonna play KHII FM+, and I'm gonna start a cblog series about fond memories/firsts in gaming (for me.) I feel like giving all y'all hugs now.


JoyfulSanity . Oct 02

Toucharcade, let’s pray mobile does not “dominate” PC and consoles

To the staff writers at I love the site. I really do. I check in daily for all my mobile gaming news, and Shaun Musgrave's RPG Reload column is consistently excellent week after week. I fancy myself a mobile,...   0

Alphadeus . Oct 02

The Ultimate Alphadeus Music Promotion Blog

Hello friends. My name is Alphadeus, as many of you probably already know :p I've been wanting to write a music promotion blog for a while. I've written tons of music, and I love sharing it with you guys. While I do not have ...   0

n0signal . Oct 02

Band of Bloggers: HD Remastered 3D Definitive Edition!!

October 2015:This month sees the release of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, a 1080p 60fps remaster of the three Naughty Dog games originally released on the PlayStation 3, but now lovingly re-released onto PS4 and we'...   0

TheKodu . Oct 01

The ESRB just called out the United Nations over video games.

(Header Image source ) Ok that may be a little bit of an exaggeration more correctly a group backed by the ESRB called The Video Game Voters Network just put this out on twitter. We firmly oppose the views on #videogames fo...   0

Mike Martin . Oct 01

Hail to the king, baby.


Fenriff . Oct 01

Well that's Nier complete. Pretty damn good. Looking forward to the new one.


Rad Party God . Oct 01

I fucking love fall, my favorite season of the year.


Elsa . Oct 01

50 Shades of Gaming

Sooo... it's been a long time since I've blogged, but I've been involved in a time consuming legal case that goes before the courts again in December and have also had several surgeries this year because my "in situ" cance...   0

Avoclefo . Sep 30

So, so glad Solar Fields is composing Mirror's Edge Catalyst. The original's soundtrack just fits absolutely perfectly with the game. Incredibly tempted to buy a PS4 for this.


Jed Whitaker . Sep 30

Only old school Dtoid Cbloggers will remember:


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