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May 21 // Dreamweaver

Hey, Dtoid! Here's 5 (More) Things about me! (NSFW)

Hi there, it's your ol' pal Dreamweaver here to do a "5 (More) Things About Me!" blog! Because hey, that's what is doing, right? Following the hip new trend? ...Why are you looking at me like that? Oh, I get it: it's b...
May 18 // Dreamweaver

Comments of the Week - Monday surprise!

Welcome back to Comments of the Week! I see that a few new members have been joining our little cult-like community (praise thee Gardevoir) so let me introduce to them what this series is all about. Well, I mean, I've b...
May 18 // SeymourDuncan17

My mom gives us the skinny on the sexiest men in gaming

Somewhere in deep South Texas, born and raised, on the playground was where she probably spent some time at... is a woman that has been, to me, in several ways, the most important person in my life. She birthed me, she ...
May 14 // gajknight

Now that's what I call a AMA! (I'm so sorry)

  Hello dudes and dudettes, how you doing?! Me? I've been good.  The last month has been pretty rough. Summer has been threatening to rear it's ugly head and along with it, horrendous amounts of heat (if it's h...
May 10 // Dreamweaver

Comments of the Week - What you've been waiting for

Hello, everyone, and welcome back to another exciting round of Comments of the Week! I'm sure there's a Mayweather/ Pacquio joke in there somewhere but I'm not going to make it. Anyway, this series is all about showcasi...
May 08 // Steven Hansen

4 years of Destructoid: Mushy words from an about-videogames writer

('dis an anniversary post, not a goodbye post!)   Hello friends and sex bots. Four years it’s been now. Two as Features Editor. Long time, eh? When I started with Destructoid -- May of 2011! -- United States ...
May 07 // FlanxLycanth

Things I do when my internet at home is down

1. Photoshop Kanye West onto spaghetti. 2. Photoshop multiple Kanye West onto spaghetti. 3. Try to figure out why you saved that image of a guy wearing a hat. 4. Fall ill then make cookies. Post on instagram.  ...
May 06 // Brittany Vincent

You can ask whatever you like (yeah) - AMAA!

  Looking for answers? You might find them here.  Hello, my darlings! I've returned once more to participate in what seems to be a fun little exercise that appears to be floating around in the blogs. I fig...
May 06 // anystrom0

The Grandest of Introductions

 So yeah, that's a Boo.  It is also my way of greeting everyone of the Dtoid community. I have been lingering in, on and around Destructoid for years, always pitching comments to posts and recognizing some of ...
May 05 // ShadeOfLight

I feel invisible, alone. I feel like The Silence.

This is going to be one of those blogs. Over the past months I've been debating with myself on whether or not to post it, and the draft has been sitting "Hidden" on my Blog Manager for all that time. I wouldn't normally ...
May 05 // Dreamweaver

Comments of the Week - It was just a Tuesday edition

Welcome back to Comments of the Week! Wait, what? Another edition so soon? I know, I spoil y'all. Well, as I stated on Sunday, the recent changes to the Cblogs essentially locked me out on making a blog, so I was sittin...
May 04 // Pixie The Fairy

I'm Pixie The Fairy. You can ask me things and stuff.

Changed my username today. This is Pixielated, which I thought was a clever play on words until I looked around the internet. After some thought about that - and Strider constantly referring to me as "Pixel" - I decided ...
May 04 // Occams

Hello, I'm Occams. Ask me a Question

I have enjoyed the past Ask Me Anything blogs posted by good and kindly folks.  So I would like to embrace this moment and put it to you, fair reader, to ask me a question.  It can be about anything, video game related or not.  I am an open book.  An open book with pages stuck together and coffee ring stains on the cover.  So fire away.  I am here for you.
May 03 // Dreamweaver

Comments of the Week - Prototype Pt.2

Comments of the Week is here once more in a bold new flavor! Comments of the Week is the time to showcase the funny comments that have been picked from community members such as yourselves to display for everyone else t...
Apr 30 // OpiumHerz

Goodbye C-Blogs, goodbye FP - it was a fun ride

This shit? This shit right here? It's the final straw that broke the camels back. I've been around here for now about two years, I think. I had lots of fun times here. I started a regular blog series here and I'm surpri...
Apr 30 // Glowbear

Destructoid is now a pile of stale shit to me

I’ve been fired, alongside possibly Stevil. but yet to be confirmed, from the staff section of Destructoid and Frontpage posting. I hope they don't get rid of him, he's so lovely and Welsh.   We were bot...
Apr 26 // Papa Niero

Community Blogs Update: Redesign in progress

As you can see, we're doing quite a bit of work to our community blogs. We didn't plan to break the blogs but our new home page software just kind of ate everything in its path, so now we're going to make the whole site ...
Apr 19 // Dreamweaver

Comments of the Week - Just another day

Yo, welcome back to Comments of the Week! This is a series dedicated to display what Dtoiders, such as you, have said in the comment section that I have collected in order to give them a second chance at popularity for ...
Apr 19 // Nihil

10 Comparsions to Alphadeus + AMA + Romeo + Juliet ÷ Zero

I'd been working on my 10 things post when I saw Alpha's pop up, and the idea of chain compairing immediately intrigued me. But since I've been up all night already just writing that one bit, plus writing another thing e...
Apr 18 // Jed Whitaker

CBLOG EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK: Destructoid Weekly Wrapup Pilot Episode

As you may or may not know, Jess Brohard and I have been been working on a news show for Destructoid's YouTube channel. Well we just uploaded the rough pilot episode to get some feedback from viewers, and currently it is...
Apr 18 // Alphadeus

10 Things + 10 Comparsions about Me + Sure Ask Me Anything :p

I read Mr Andy Dixon's blog and it inspired me to make a similar one. It's difficult for me to come up with 10 things about myself, because there's a lot to know about me. I'm going to compare myself to Andy's list of 10...
Apr 17 // mrandydixon

10 NEW things about mrandydixon (also, ask me anything!)

Hi! It's been a while since I did one of these, so now I'm doing it! You should do it, too :) I've interspersed this blog with some recent pics of my kids to hold your attention, and I won't waste any more time getting ...
Apr 16 // Lord Spencer

The Advantages of Being an Arab Gamer:

Gamers are often ridiculed and shunned by a larger society much too concerned about their public image. As for Arabs, no one has been as a vilified by the US media as much as us in the past 15 years. Thankfully, I don&r...
Apr 15 // Sephzilla

Hey look! Vergil gameplay from Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition

Holy shit! Seph posted a blog! Capcom released some gameplay showing off Vergil in Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition. I sent a tip to Destructoid about it, but nothing has popped up on the front page about it and I'm impatient as hell to talk about some of this crazy shit. And here's a couple of GIFs I found from the video, because I'm a nice guy.
Apr 13 // long john

Sorry, I've been away :(

Yeah, I'm a douchebagI'm sorry friends, I've been working and studying a lot and been away from here :(I promised (and was even featured by Strider in the interesting blogs recap! ;___;) to make my interview blog a regul...

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