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So there's now a teaser for the third season of the Wakfu animated series. This makes me very happy. And erect. Mostly erect. With some happy thrown in. Okay, many kinds of 'happy.' I'm currently masturbating. Just having a wank. Rubbing my cock.


So far today I have fallen through a ceiling, and hit my head on a sink on the way down. Blacked out, and woke up to find myself in the women's restroom that is full of women. One woman was pushing my head with her foot to see if I was still alive.


I want to write a blog and have been doing some research. This has eventually led me to an article on a certain website... In my naivete I checked the comments for opinions and inspiration only to be reminded why I don't go there anymore.


Whoops, there I go pressing the post button out of habit. *ahem* Catgirls!


I was out with a friend in the city centre today and realised it's kind of really fun to listen to nearby conversations between other people. The amount of dumb conversations... it's amazing. So many people are dumb and quite amusing to listen to.


That feel when you finally deal with some problems with your computer that have been bugging you for months.


I love seeing people out and about that make me seem perfectly normal by comparison. Feels good.


Rae woke up in a sandy ruin, her head aching from the crash, though she was thankfully unharmed. She spots a dusty chest near her and opens it. Then a voice asks, "Become classy or be total anime trash?"


So after just finishing every previous Star Fox game made before Zero, and having now just played through the first 4 missions of Zero. What the fuck is wrong with people? This game is absolutely amazing. Pro Tip: Go to training first. Get acquainted.


Apparently, Doom has a permadeath option and you'll leave your helmet where you died, kind of like the blood pools of Dark Souls.


Before I go to bed I decide to give you not one but two cat girls. Good night everyone :)


Dear diary, I did something stupid today. I bought an always online game to play solo. I promised myself I wouldn't do that after bying The Crew, but I had a relapse. And why the hell would I use Destructoid as my diary?!


So many questions. Why is Philco so sweaty? Why is he so ANGRY? What sort of heckling was he getting that he would stuff a tambourine down his pants and give someone a death stare -while- flipping off a camera? Su Su Sudio, bitches.


Thank God for this Youtuber for making this awesome tribute. Thank God for Jim Fucking Sterling Son despite his absolute hatred of Star Fox Zero (Which I haven't played... I just really want it to be good....) And above all else #FucKonami


Nathaniel Hawthorne: great American novelist, short story writer and artist of waifus.


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I think that might very well be the most cryptic title I've ever used for my Recaps. Here's a hint: it doesn't have anything to do with LOST. It's actually somewhat of a reference to a couple of games I've been playing ...



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