Five Signs that You're Giving Too Much of a Fuck (and What You Can Do About It).

I moved into a new apartment this Monday and (thanks to Comcast's lies) didn't have an internet connection until Friday night.  I had a lot going on this weekend as well, so, just today, am I c...   more

Appropriation, Ethics, and the Death of the Gaming Community

Like a lot of Gen Xers and early Millennials who were into games and technology, I grew up on the receiving end of some bullying for my interests. Some people got it worse than others. Walking in...   more

How playing a pansexual transgender in Saints Row IV changed my view on gaming


Top Eye Merkins in the history of Video Games

Mama always told me "". I'm still searching Mama...so stop texting about it. People often assume that to beat a game you need skills, you need lots of ammo and lots of tactics. But no, what you ...   more

Hoffmann believes you should know these Websites!

Dtoid is a damn fine video game news-blog with some nice original content but obviously it can't covering everything, and that is why I believe you should know these 5 websites below. Hardcore G...   more

Send me your dreams, I will interpret them!

Okay, so my brain is exhausted from this whole week and somehow I produced a dozen drafts, two blogs, several forum posts and ran around town dropping applications and resumes everywhere because ...   more

Steam Grid View - Making and Using Custom Images

For years I neglected the "grid" view in Steam – I preferred the "detail" view because it seemed easier to navigate. Last winter, though, I decided to try the grid view as a way to limit wha...   more

Top Chins in the history of Video Games

It's easy to find yourself in a catch-22 situation when embarking on the life changing road that is video gaming. One can be either too focused on minute details such as graphical intricacies or ...   more

Cblogs of 08/29/14 and Shin Megami Bbainisms

So all the cool people are at PAX this weekend and I am very jealous! I really want to go to PAX again one year just to see everyone again, plus the convention was a lot of fun to explore. Ge...   more

I would have killed for English Versions of THESE games.

That Yakuza Zero announcement this week made Hoffmann thinking about that series and a few other damn great video games he encountered in the past which were sadly never released outside Japan an...   more

Cblogs of 08/28/14 + Shulk in Smash Bros HOLY SHIIIIIIIIIIT-isms

So it looks like the leak was true, and I couldn't be happier! If you know me a little on this site, and by now I hope that you do, you'll also know that I love me some Xenoblade. I think it's...   more

Social Justice Warriors- An ignorant investigation.

I work an office job. Without giving too much a way (official secrets and all that) it's for the British government. To obtain my lofty appointment, I studied Politics at university, I've alway...   more

Occam Thoughts: Podcasts

I have found myself seeking some accompaniment when I am playing video games.  I used to listen to albums and audio books but lately the name of the game has been podcasts.  There is nothing more...   more

10 things about Oscarno's intro blog.


Pretend Destructoid Is An Early 2000s Anime Shrine and 'Adopt' Brittany for PAX

Hello, darlings! It's Thursday night, and I'm sitting at the day job. Most of the staff will be living it up at PAX this weekend, possibly meeting up with some of you lovely people. But I'm go...   more

Cblogs recaps of 8/27/14 and Adoptionisms + Simpsonisms

Last time I put my avatar up for adoption, things were easier. Nowadays, I have new loads of school to worry about and I find myself behind on the whole avatar adoption  thing. Last year my avat...   more

What are you playing right now?

Lets talk about our personal gaming shedule for a change I would love to know what game you are currently playing, which games you bought recently (last 4-12 weeks) and what games you look total...   more

Put The Hate on Hold

I have an unrealistic dream I'd like to share with everyone. It's not a dream of personal goals and it's not a dream of the future of video games. My dream is that one day the gaming community ...   more

ADDENDUM: Linkle IS female Link after all!

Hey, everyone! As you might have noticed, I've decided to start doing musings again in my spare time. It's been too long since I've written anything that wasn't weighed down by deadlines or the...   more

No place in games.

There once was a soldier who had a gruff voice, didn't believe in heroes and infiltrated facilities in cardboard boxes. After saving the world from nuclear annihilation twice and becoming a legen...   more

You Wanna Adopt Me? I'd Adopt Me.

Another year has come and gone.  The hot dog breath of Summer is slowly relenting and giving way to the cool quiet of Fall.  PAX Prime aka the Battle in Seattle aka the Group Hug is happening sta...   more

Hoffmann might ask you a question!

Write a comment and I will ask you a question related to video games or dtoid , game-journalism, current affairs or something else. Not asked will be questions about dogs and food. General quest...   more

The Legend of Korra proves why we need a female Link

I just got around to watching the Book 3 finale of (heart-wrenching ending, I might add). I'm always amazed by how good that show is. Sure, it doesn't quite reach the same lofty heights as , b...   more

One Xbox Fanboy's expedition into PS4.

 It may seem hard for a lot of you to believe, especially with all of my vehement arguing for Microsoft and the Xbox One, but on Friday August 23rd, I bought myself a PS4. Don't go rushing to ...   more

Pokémon Taught Me How to Read and Changed My Life Forever

Do you remember the first time you experienced Pokémon? For me, I didn’t know what I was even experiencing. I couldn’t read the words on the screen of my new Gameboy Color I had gotten for my six...   more

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