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Community BLOGS


Anyone still playing Guitar Hero Live out there? Is there anyway to get leaderboards to load quickly. Take a good 10-15 seconds on each song to see them for me on GHTV.


TFW a Steam game works perfectly right up until the refund period expires, then decides to start fucking up. Fuck you Black Ops 3.


My bladed princess is doing quite well. I freaking love the Saif.


I just got the Templar asterisk in Bravely Second but still have no idea what kind of synergy I can utilize for the Kaiser asterisk.


Beyond Two Souls... Good... I think... such an odd game. Seems like Heavy Rain meets Life Is Strange meets Metal Gear. I think I liked it?


We've finally made it into the world of conspiracies.


Civil War Spoiler Talk!

Let's cut to the chase: this a spoiler-tastic post, aimed at analysing the majority of the developments within Captain America: Civil War.  I'm assuming the majority of you out there will know a certain amount about...



Was Super Mario 64 really that great? Never owned it, played a few times at a friends house. My N64 time was spent on 007, OoT, BanjoKazooie, Mario Kart, etc.


Jesus H. Christ it feels like Vinland Saga has been around forever and been through more arcs than a Naruto syndication.


I did a live play with Skyshine Games on the newest update to Skyshine's Bedlam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEA4t8pcZ68


Current Status: https://www.filepicker.io/api/file/wRHerAGfTImfdqWTSHK5


So its been really hard getting to the C league in Pokken. Mainly because the game thinks I can take C1s and B1s head on. Which I guess is a complement. But to add to my list of achievements I made a Pikachu Libre rage quit, no wonder he had 80% W/L...


So it was my Dual Shock 4. Worst controller I've ever owned. Beaten maybe 4 games with the thing and the left stick is busted. My friend just had theirs literally explode while it was charging with the system in rest mode. Worst battery life ever.


http://www.videogamer.com/ps4/uncharted%20/news/uncharted%20.html ALSO LOOK AT FOR THEM SPOILERS


I think I just saw five blog posts in a row that were adverts for something. Is this a gag? Does someone want to clue me in?


Started relistening to the Dismal Jesters after finally getting through Jim-era Podtoid. I forgot about Dikkenskrill√ę.


While downloading new drivers an add just appeared for Dead Island: Epidemic. I completely forgot that was a game, don't even remember if it released. So good work AMD, you reminded me about a game I forgot existed and still have no interest in


I'm in a mood to write something even more provocative than my last C-blog right now lol


Jailer procession in Ithiryll Dungeon: 0 seconds - crap there's a lot of them, let me be patient and kite them one by one. 60 seconds - ...YOLO!</recklessabandon>


This Wednesday at 8 est on Twitch, I'll be hanging out with Skyshine Games to discuss and play Skyshine's Bedlam live. https://www.twitch.tv/gwbycer


Writing review of Banner Saga 2 and how it's much better than The Next World.


The world's first GTA 5 Drift VR 360 degree Youtube Video (Gymkhana) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=%20-duucfPI This is the first ever 360 degree drifting video on youtube and it is amazing if I do say so myself.


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