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Community BLOGS


I did it! I finally killed that bastard Pontiff in Dark Souls III! Admittedly it took me over two dozen tries, and I think I got extremely lucky near the end when he didn't attack me much, but I solo'd it at SL 41 with only +2 weapons, no shields! Yay! :D


Panty and Stocking aired in 2010. Six years ago. I swear it doesn't feel like it's been that long. Guys, I think I need to lie down for a minute. Have some expletives while I contemplate my life.


I forgot how fucking awesome DJ Hero is. I still can't quite 5 star all the songs on Expert in the first game, but I always preferred the second.


I hate training new employees. Not because I think it's a pain, but because my job is 90% memorization. There is almost nothing to train the new guys in until they get the permissions to use the ordering systems.


Real talk though. Do want to write an Ask Me Anything blog, to help boredom during the week. Although I may ignore touchy subjects/questions. LEAVE YOUR QUESTIONS IN THE COMMENTS.


Fuck you Pontiff! Now for that other boss in the area. Hope I can stil summon.


Anyone still playing Guitar Hero Live out there? Is there anyway to get leaderboards to load quickly. Take a good 10-15 seconds on each song to see them for me on GHTV.


I'll be honest, I'm not really into cat girls. I just already happened to like Blake and then it turned out that she had cat ears. That's how they get you, I guess.


TFW a Steam game works perfectly right up until the refund period expires, then decides to start fucking up. Fuck you Black Ops 3.


My bladed princess is doing quite well. I freaking love the Saif.


And...it's done! I tried something different with the hair highlight "shimmies" and the foot blush. I'll probably upload this again when more people are on, but for now...how does it look?


Want to watch Akira again, but I realize I actually have to get cracking on this Nioh demo if I want to unlock that DLC. It's haaaard...


I just got the Templar asterisk in Bravely Second but still have no idea what kind of synergy I can utilize for the Kaiser asterisk.


Sunbro-ing Ancient Wyvern's so much fun: "You run, I hit" "Wait, 2 guys drop down here" "No, this way!" "STAY HERE, I'll kite the big guy away from the fire projectile" I even rest at the plunging platform and make him/her do the honors while I watch


This burn set the whole state of California on fire.


Have house to myself this weekend so I decided to have a bath for the first time in... at least 15 years I think? I always just shower instead. I was in there about an hour and I just feel so good right now. I'll have to do that more often. So relaxed. :)


PSA, I had The Art of Atari on my Amazon Wishlist just to consider... and the price just went down from $39.99 to $23.99 (US). So if you were interested in it... pretty good savings. It's not coming out till October, though. Link in comments.


Going through a difficult time. Pretty fucking pissed off at some shit that happened last night. Enough to leave the Discord chat. But I'm back until I get kicked, or I leave again. Here's a link to Surviving the Fuck Fight again.


Walker Star Fox levels are boarderline unplayable. Why? It's like driving a tank in early PS2 era.


All you cat girl lovers have so many waifus to choose from. You just don't know the struggle of a snake girl bloke.


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