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My Gamerscore is BOOBS
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Guilty gaming pleasures
// Hyper Lemon Buster Cannon

Pixiedust #1: Hello!
// Pixie The Fairy


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Aug 02 // Forgotten Bastion

Headcannon time: Batman is completely insane

MovieBob recently put up a video about how Batman probably needs a new origin to explain how someone with so many resources at his disposal chooses to fight crime as an individual. Instead of investing in new jobs for the lo...
Aug 02 // CH Gorog

Why Gears of War 3 faltered...

WARNING: This article contains personal opinions about art that you may not agree with.  Shocking, I know.  It also contains spoilers for "Gears of War 3".  So, for those of you dedicated to not being spoiled a...
Aug 01 // StriderHoang

Let's stay hydrated! My favorite hot levels!

Summer for me means an excessive amount of sweating. I've never been good at keeping my composure in the heat, dehydrating within minutes of sweating in response to heat. Working in summer has basically mandated me to carryi...
Aug 01 // CblogRecaps

Cblog Recaps PODGASMS: July 2015

Another month, a new set of podcasts to listen to. For those that missed post #1, this is a complement to the new Monthly recaps but with podcasts. The best of the month out of the community that is applied directly to t...
Aug 01 // Josh Rivers

What's all this buggery with the forums and should it worry me?

Edit: judging by the comments the event I'm reffering to in this post is actually fairly common and considered to not be a huge deal. To those people, this is probably going to seem quite hyperbolic. Bear in mind th...
Aug 01 // TheKodu

Review: Haunt the House Terrortown

Name: Haunt the House: Terror TownFormat: PC, IOS, Android, Amazon play store, Playstation VitaPrice:Steam £3.99 / $4.99IOS:   £1.49 / $1.99Google Play: £1.32Amazon play store : £1.31 / $1.99 Rev...
Aug 01 // OverlordZetta


So some shit's going down here at Destructoid. I don't want anyone thinking I'm jumping on a bandwagon here. I'm not leaving, though at the same time, I'm not quite sure Destructoid is my Internet "Best Place" yet either, so ...
Aug 01 // Nikoscho

Shenmue - Slice of Life

  Before two days i finished the game so i want to write about it.Shenmue is a strange game.The pacing of the game is like a slugfest , the premise and the character motivation is cliche , but its one of the most persona...
Aug 01 // Mike Wallace

World of Warcraft hasn't changed...

This week Blizzard sent out seven days of free game time to entice players back into The Collective. While veterans joke about its addictive qualities, and its debatable whether WoW counts as a "real" addiction, Blizzard has ...
Aug 01 // Sephzilla

I Need To Take A Break

Don't worry, this isn't a goodbye blog. That being said, I'm surprised that I'm even writing anything remotely close to one. When Andy asked me to become one of the front page moderators, aka the "Disqus Deputies", I-do...
Aug 01 // Manchild

Everything Sucks

Feel free to fail this, whoever.But everything sucks.It's really a shame what is going on right now. There are obviously two sides with differing opinions sparring and a bunch of people seem to be packing up and leaving. Afte...
Aug 01 // KiiWy

Thank you Destructoid....

Yes...yes it is.   Honestly...I'm not really sure how this blog will go. I've been riding on so many different emotions lately with the restructuring of my favorite community (that which I shall always remember as the ...
Jul 31 // RogueAngelXXL

Sales Are My Kryptonite

    I was recently talking to a few of my coworkers about gaming. I think we all agreed that the perfect day was waking up, eating, gaming, napping, eating, gaming, …repeat until you have to earn money for e...
Jul 31 // Nihil

Dtoid Rape and Resent

The house is being cleaned, and I'm going out with the rest of theThis isn't for appealing to those that know what's going on. It's for those that don't and/or who want to understand why I can't support this site anymore. Suf...
Jul 31 // OverlordZetta

Better With Age: Megabomber

Talk about cutting it close, Zetta! Think you could have waited to midnight to start writing this?Even as I sit down to write this response to the Blogger's Wanted prompt, I'm not fully sure what I want to write about. It's n...
Jul 31 // wutangclam

On Subversive Multiplayer (or how I learned to re-love online gaming)

Earlier this year, I had a fascination with Crypt of the Necrodancer. I bought the game on a whim because I had an empty weekend in front of me. A couple hours after installing it, and I was hooked. Crypt of the Nec...
Jul 31 // CblogRecaps

Cblogs of 07/30/15 + No time-isms

By all accounts I should be writing my thesis right about now. I'm not. Today is one of those days that just got lost to the ether. No particular reason, just one of those days. That's all well and good, but I still have to f...
Jul 31 // RadicalYoseph

Looking for forum feedback!

As you probably know, the forums have gone through some massive changes over the past couple weeks. The community there has been having a very difficult time getting Niero to see their feedback. It consistently gets lost in t...
Jul 31 // Lord Spencer

Wii REVIEWS: Fragile Dream: Farewell Ruins of the Moon

For those reading one of my Wii review blogs for the first time, here is the basic concept: The Wii is often mocked for its game library, yet, it actually has a solid list of exclusives that are unavailable anywehere else. Th...
Jul 31 // Retrofraction

Band of Bloggers: Hideo Games

This month we are reviving Band of Bloggers an event that were made from our former colleagues of the C-blogs that have ascended into higher a higher plain of existence on the Internet and now write for Syfy Games. So to hel...
Jul 31 // Rudorlf

Better with Age: Max, dearest of all my friends~

The Max Payne games are considered to be one of the most underrated franchise I've ever played. Despite having all the recipe for success, it never seems to have any big commercial successes as other Rockstar games do. Maybe...
Jul 31 // James Internet Ego

Microsoft Doesn't Need to Charge for Windows 10 - It Already Charges for You

You certainly didn’t need to be a grumpy old cynic to question Microsoft’s promise of a free operating system. It turns out that they really were being honest about that; Windows 10 is absolutely 100% free. The s...
Jul 31 // PS FNF

PS Friday Night Fights: I'm Sorry, I'm So Sorry Edition

  You ever stand by and watch horrible things happen while you can't do anything? Yeah we all feel that way some times. Nanashi   Welcome to the Playstation side of Friday Night Fights! Every Friday, members of the...
Jul 31 // Manchild

Mangasms: Building Worlds

I've been back doing this blogging thing for two months almost. Two months and over thirty blogs, and it's tiring! Life has been all over the place and I tried to keep up the momentum of "one post per day" for some obscure se...
Jul 31 // TheDustinThomas

Error Machine Podcast 58 - Former Fatties Fitness

Hey everybody! Did you miss me? When I went on my hiatus, I told you I would still poke my head in from time to time to say hi. HI! Anyway, just wanted to post a new episode of the podcast for you guys just to show you I'm st...
Jul 31 // Isay Isay

Taking a break

It's been some kind of week huh?     There's a lot sniping, hurt feelings, and bad blood going around on all sides and I feel I just need to get away for a bit.  For the first time in a long time, I'm not havi...
Jul 31 // XBOX FNF

Farewell, FNF

  When I took a little break at the beginning of summer, I had the best intentions of returning to do the Xbox FNF blog.  I've been put into a new position at work where I won't be able to do the FNF post any more ...
Jul 31 // Dtoid PC FNF

PC FNF: San Andreas Flight Simulator V

Been playing a lot of GTA this week. It helps that they are inticing players to come back with double XP and cash missions to make my excessive needs possible. But I've noticed now that when I'm not doing missions I'm either...
Jul 31 // CblogRecaps

Cblog recaps of 7/29/15 and BINDING-isms

I managed to play two games this week amidst the apartment hunting craze: I got onto Binding of Isaac and got back into Splatoon. My fiance has been sending me applications all week as she hunts for rooms while I have to st...
Jul 30 // OverlordZetta

Zetta Reviews: Fairy Fencer F (PS3)

Idea Factory International announced today that Fairy Fencer F will be coming to Steam on August 4th, and given that I just so happen to be in a Fairying, Fencing sort of mood, I thought I might offer a review of the original...

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