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Community BLOGS


Time to drink some really good beer, get really drunk, and scratch some really large lottery tickets.... Happy Star Wars Day!


So yeah, that Miku essay blog is now made. Go check it out. Maybe give some feedback. We can discuss Vocaloid things. Maybe. If you wanna. Hope you guys who are interested dig it.


People might disagree with this, but I admire this guy's straightforward honesty in this video. I do agree that RE6 gets way more hate than it deserves, but I dunno if I can call it awesome.


https://twitter.com/EBGamesCanada/status/727942419111628801 Can I just say that takes alot of balls to offer day one dlc after all the delays?


Some genius at my ISP clicked the wrong thing so I've had no Internet all day, and it won't be fixed until Friday. On the plus side I made it through Irithyll in to the dungeons, so that's cool.


I'm not sure why but this is not only entertaining to watch, but also somehow better articulated the "CoDness" of the new Doom game. I'm really getting what Xor and a few others were getting at now.


Should I buy the humble bundle for Shantae?


What could Nintendo do differently with F-Zero? Ever played Speed Racer on Wii? (Except there'd be the "not invented here" syndrome...)


Happy Star Wars day! Also, controversal opinion time: Darth Vader is a pretty weak villain, specially when compared to Darth Sidious or Kylo Ren. He is completely style over substice. But I do agree that his armor looks sweet.


BvS is too long by about an hour and nothing happens for far too long. A film with Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and doomsday is incredibly hard to make boring, but congratulations you achieved it Mr Snyder.


Managed to accidentally suicide two games in a row in Quest of Dungeons by clicking on the spawn point. Cursed.


Know what solve plenty of life issues? New work shoes. Holy cow, they're so cozy and robust. Got me like -


I suppose Darksouls is one of the few games where I don't mind being steam rolled. I will have my revenge aldrich faithful!!!!!!!! I will hunt you down.


OH MY FUCKING GOD! There is a remaster of the '98 Battlezone game on Steam! HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS FUCKERY OF AWESOME?!


Boss 101 Screenshot - game tuning time, watch out for the lightning bolts - they explode!


File under: How do I arcade? 1982 magazine article on coin-op etiquette. http://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/how-to-be-cool-according-to-a-video-game-magazine-from-1982?utm%20=twitter&utm%20=atlas-page


Anyone with exams coming up who even thinks about procrastinating - Francis York Morgan has words for you.


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