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8:30 PM on 06.07.2010

Over the river and through the woods with Off-Road Drive

At the recent 1C event at the Russian Consulate in San Francisco, we saw a return of some older titles just about to make their debut. However, one of the new titles brought forth was Off-Road Drive. Developed by 1C-Avalon an...

Ben Perlee

12:31 PM on 12.15.2006

A little bit of Sadness makes me happy

The PR manager's strategy of the nefarious Nibris corporation is apparently quite bastardly. This new studio, whom is working on Raid Over The River on the DS and Sadness on the Wii, has been intentionally very skimp with...

Papa Niero

7:35 AM on 07.11.2006

Resident Wiivil

Via Kotaku: "Be sure to get the next copy of Official Nintendo Magazine UK as it contains exclusive information on Resident Evil Wii. It states, in the september issue that they 'had' exclusive information on this upcoming ...

Tom Fronczak

5:46 PM on 06.05.2006

SSB Brawl or Bore?

I've heard in the past that the SSB Brawl team was slopped together and is being rushed, but this news is what worries me: "the game's being designed to stress 'easiness' over the small details of combat, in an attempt to m...

Tom Fronczak

5:26 PM on 06.05.2006

PS3: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Well, well, well. Lets start with the good news: It has been confirmed that PS3s WILL play PS2 games. I know that's no big whoop, but Sony fans should take what they can get nowadays - here's the bad: The PS3 GPU is STILL be...

Tom Fronczak

3:36 AM on 06.02.2006

AMBX ambient gaming - fantastic or distracting?

Back in 2005, Engadget wowed us with the upcoming news of AMBX, a suite of orchestrated devices (strobes, fans, smoke machines, heat lamps, even furniture!) that receive signals from "AMBX compatible" games and thus simulat...

Papa Niero

2:23 PM on 05.17.2006

FF7 Remake Confusion

The June 2006 issue of EGM is telling the world that the sweet FF7 'Tech Demo' for the PS3 was actually the beginning of a remake. Last month the case was supposedly closed on whether it was just a tech demo or not - but I ...

Tom Fronczak

2:00 AM on 04.18.2006


Supposedly F.E.A.R. will be released on the Xbox 360, but more importantly, supposedly Gears of War: Emergence Day will be released in November on the Xbox 360 as well. Which one are you more excited about?

Tom Fronczak

10:38 PM on 04.12.2006

Italian web site's April Fool's Joke (doh!)

They got us. There's no Sega handheld coming. Go home folks. Exclusive Destructoid coverage on the fake story! It appears Sonic took notice of Nintendo's stellar DS sales last year and are ready to start up a rivalry ...

Papa Niero