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3:15 PM on 01.26.2012

Jack Black wannabe does stupid Star Wars Kinect trailer

Watch the above video to see a man who thinks he's Jack Black doing "funny" things in the name of Star Wars Kinect. I think this guy is supposed to be famous or something. I don't know who he is. I don't actually care, eithe...

Jim Sterling

10:00 AM on 12.19.2011

Preview: Alan Wake's American Nightmare

By now, most of us know about the long and challenging path that Remedy traveled in order to see the fruition of the original Alan Wake. Spanning five years of development, the psychological action thriller was not only o...

Wesley Ruscher

6:04 PM on 06.06.2011

E3: Trailer for Halo: CE remake, will retail for $39.99

So the original Halo is getting remade. I don't know how to feel about this. Too soon pops to mind. And the multiplayer looks like it's just Halo: Reach. I really need to get my hands on this ASAP as I have a ton of question...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

1:00 AM on 05.30.2011

Gears of War 3 official campaign reveal trailer

Oh yes, now you're showing me the shit I wanna see, Epic!  This is the official "reveal" trailer for Gears of War 3's campaign mode. Some people (fools) like to think Gears doesn't have a campaign worth noting. I say it...

Jim Sterling

11:40 AM on 05.20.2011

Gears of War 3 campaign teased

Much has been made of Gears of War 3's vast multiplayer options, to the point where you might forget that the game has a narrative campaign. Epic Games has reminded us all of this fact today, teasing the game's campaign mode...

Jim Sterling

1:00 PM on 04.12.2011

Gears of War 3 extols its dedicated execution

The lads at Epic have released a new video diary for Gears of War 3, doing very little to dampen my excitement for the game. In it, they discuss the new Team Deathmatch mode, in which players share a pool of limited respawns...

Jim Sterling

6:00 AM on 10.01.2010

Game Party: In Motion announced for Kinect

This is the kind of stuff that does not interest me in the slightest about Kinect. I've been hopeful that the technology will deliver some really amazing game experiences in the future, but we're a good ways off from that. T...

Conrad Zimmerman