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12:51 PM on 11.13.2006

Wii weekend coverage roundup

This weekend we were both hard at work (and hardly working) as the Nintendo Wii came into our lives. For some it was in store demo kiosks, for me it was a press event on South Beach, and for one lucky Summatoid it was sitting...

Papa Niero

1:19 PM on 11.02.2006

Life after next-gen for your PS2

Lots of you have probably picked up Final Fantasy XII this week. You may have also heard words and phrases like "the PS2's swan song" and "the PS2's last gasping breath" associated with Square-En...

Aaron Linde

2:44 PM on 09.19.2006

Next Generation looks into PS3 crystal ball

Now that we're about two months away, what better way to spend our time until then come up with even more predictions to add upon the pile of rotting estimate trash already festering in the corner of some seedy alley. Next ...


3:51 PM on 09.12.2006

Top 5 Most Anticipated PS3 Games

I love making lists. It's just one of the many weird quirks about me. So, logically, I thought that I should post my top 5 most anticipated Playstation 3 games that should be available to the public sometime before the turn...


5:06 PM on 05.20.2006

Let's Compare Launch Games

I think we can all agree that the most important part of gaming are the actual games. So let's take a look at the launch games for all 3 of the new consoles. Feel free to judge after the christmas color jump: There was t...

Tom Fronczak