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4:40 PM on 03.01.2011

Magicka DLC says 'Good Morning, Vietnam'

When Arrowhead studios said their plans for future Magicka DLC were really "out there", they weren't kidding. They've just announced a new pack for the game dated this spring, called "Magicka: Vietnam." Yeah, that's right. M...

Josh Tolentino

8:20 AM on 02.18.2011

Minecraft ad takes a chunk out of a gangsta's head

It feels good to be a gangsta ... until some kid beats you in the face and yanks a diamond out of your skull. This rather amusing new commercial for Minecraft takes the "punching things for natural resources" schtick onto the streets with uniquely grisly results.  And no it isn't racist, you silly bastards! Kid smashes black man’s face for diamonds in latest Minecraft ad [Mukyou]

Jim Sterling

11:20 AM on 01.14.2011

Yakuza Of The End videos confirm celebrities, drama, guns

In case you were thinking that Sega's zombie-themed Yakuza game, Yakuza Of The End, was some cheap cash-in on the already-moldering zombie-game trend, you'd be wrong. It's certainly a cash-in, but they're going all out, if t...

Josh Tolentino

2:00 AM on 01.07.2011

Kinect hack shows how awesome an Ultraman game could be

Another day, another Kinect hack that shows more interesting things than any of the official games have come up with. This one uses the fancy camera's body tracking to put you into a theoretical videogame starring classic Ja...

Josh Tolentino

6:21 PM on 07.29.2007

Destructoid on Bonus Round (Part Deux)

Gametrailers has released part 2, Episode 8 of Bonus Round - The ethics of the Blogosphere. While I really enjoyed doing the show, I have to say that it makes me a sad panda that the best line of this show was cut out. ...