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New in haha weird!

2:01 AM on 06.02.2011

Preview: Saints Row: The Third

I don't know about you, but I'm starting to get pretty tired of how serious games are these days. Videogames are a portal to do stuff you'd never be able to do in real life, yet most games out there try to capture realistic e...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

4:20 PM on 09.06.2010

PAX 10: Hands-off with the delightfully gruesome Swarm

Going into PAX Prime, I had only a vague idea of what Hothead Games' Swarm was all about. Cute blue guys, something about hilarious deaths, and the mention of Pikmin. Alright, got it! That's more than enough to grab my attent...

Jordan Devore

2:05 PM on 02.26.2007

PSP: Chili Con Carnage trailer overload

There is so much comedy gold in this new Chili Con Carnage trailer ... also, cocks (no, seriously!). Meet the rich, ruthless, and dumb villian, the equally dumb hero who's apparently in the air half the game. The more gam...

Papa Niero

12:44 PM on 02.05.2007

Insert racist joke about Mexicans here

Eidos Interactive has just released an enchilada of new screenshots for the best Mexican theme-based video game title ever concieved: Chili Con Carnage for (unfortunately to most) the PSP. The images sport crisp character de...

Papa Niero

1:28 PM on 01.25.2007

SimCity DS gets a promotional bangbus

In preparation for the February 22nd launch of Simcity DS, a street team is driving around Japan in a defaced party bus, complete with bullhorns, shouting at unsuspecting people to play the same damn game that Japanese people...

Papa Niero

3:03 PM on 01.22.2007

The most hardcore Mexican themed game ever: Chili Con Carnage

¡Ay caramba, cojones! The Mexican-themed parody game reminds us of an over-the-top GTA meets Hot Shots, sans Charlie Sheen. Chili Con Carnage is set to launch this year on the PSP; check out the trailer above. If you c...

Papa Niero

9:38 PM on 01.15.2007

More Virtua Tennis 3 oddities: balloons?

We have yet another curiosity to add to the hilarious deck of oddball minigames in Virtua Tennis 3: A game mode where you exhert your aggressions against humanity by exploding balloons with tennis balls. It appears the goal...

Papa Niero

10:16 AM on 12.14.2006

Kristen Bell: Assassin's Creed is a Sci-Fi

Detective Veronica Mars (also known as Kristen Bell in the dimension where women take really long in the bathroom) went through a portal to meet with IGN and dropped major sci-fi bombs on the plot of Assassin's Creed: &q...

Papa Niero

10:00 PM on 12.01.2006

Squenix brings you the greatest commercial known to man! [Updated!]

I want you all to find a comfortable position where you can fully absorb the majesty of the above video before you hit play. It is quite possibly the single greatest piece of film-as-surreality since Salvador Dali and Luis Bu...

Earnest Cavalli

10:29 AM on 11.27.2006

Necro Nesia cartoon: kids are worm food

Nipponaid: click on the white box with black text to begin movie: The following movie is a promotional clip for Necro Nesia (official site), a small budget survival horror game for the Wii which consists of a character o...

Papa Niero

5:23 PM on 11.22.2006

Raving mad sculptor makes Wii Rabbid

Riley Holmes, take a bow. And a leak. Apparently it took this gentleman and friends over 5 hours (and a case of Mountain Dew) to make this squishy abomination of grease and mold. He writes "We wanted to make Rayman too, ...

Papa Niero

2:07 PM on 10.03.2006

Nintendo Mii maker online

I'm not sure how authentic it is, but someone finally made a flash Mii maker for us eager Wii fans to get a taste of what the new Miis will be like. Speaking of tasty, as you notice I wasn't biased with the Mii I made above...

Tom Fronczak

11:26 AM on 07.17.2006

Splinter Cell meets Zidane

Forget every "funny" video you have seen about Zidane, 'cause this official Ubisoft video is teh best the world has ever seen and will ever see on this topic. Props to Ubisoft for this badass video. Who knows? Maybe this is going to be the "special-Zidane-headbutt-move" in the new Splinter Cell. Want more Zidane video game cameos? Check this out.