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New in Saints Row

5:00 PM on 09.02.2014

Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell was inspired by Disney movies

I've played and enjoyed all of the Saints Row games to date, but wonder how much longer this can last. How much more ridiculous can the series get, and even if there is room to up the insanity, do we even want that? Where Vol...

Jordan Devore

4:00 PM on 07.03.2013

Saints Row IV: Everything you've ever loved in a blender

The Third Street Saints are on the rise. Once a lowly street gang from Stillwater, the crime syndicate achieved celebrity status in conquering the burgeoning metropolis of Steelport. Now, you, their intrepid leader, have inex...

Kyle MacGregor

1:00 PM on 06.11.2013

Saints Row IV is going to be the best superhero game ever

I was a little worried about Saints Row IV when it was revealed at PAX East. My main concern being how much fun would it really be revisiting Steelport even with superpowers and such. After some hands-on time though, I really...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

12:45 PM on 03.22.2013

PAX: Become a superhero President in Saints Row IV

After Saints Row: The Third was finished, developer Volition wondered where they could take the next entry in the open world series. For Saints Row IV, the team took the two biggest key things from the third game: the complet...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

11:00 AM on 10.19.2011

Six glorious naked hours with Saints Row: The Third

This is it. We're less than a month away now from the release of Saints Row: The Third. THQ invited us out for one last extended look at this insane open-world crime game, giving me complete freedom to play around in Steelpor...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

11:00 AM on 10.19.2011

Yup, Saints Row: The Third has a 'Whored Mode'

On top of the main storyline and co-op play in Saints Row: The Third comes a third game mode called "Whored Mode." Yes, you read that right. Whored Mode shares the same basic concept as any other Horde mode where you and a bu...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

8:00 PM on 09.16.2011

The DTOID Show: Who will win 'The Fall Haul'

Hey gang, in spite of the torrential downpour of news coming out of the Tokyo Game Show right now, the studio was closed today, so we had to shoot today's episode in advance. With the sudden realization that the great Holi...

Max Scoville

11:00 AM on 08.17.2011

Saints Row: The Third is the definition of a fun game

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Videogames are way too serious. Don't get me wrong. Serious games can be fun. What I'm mostly agitated by is the state of gaming where not a lot of crazy outrageous games are being p...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

8:16 PM on 06.07.2011

E3: Saints Row: The Third is a swift kick in the nuts

I kicked off E3 in style, sitting in a fake private jet to check out the opening of Saints Row: The Third. My thoughts leaving the demonstration consist of believing it to look almost exactly like Saints Row 2, and believing ...

Jim Sterling

2:01 AM on 06.02.2011

Preview: Saints Row: The Third

I don't know about you, but I'm starting to get pretty tired of how serious games are these days. Videogames are a portal to do stuff you'd never be able to do in real life, yet most games out there try to capture realistic e...

Hamza CTZ Aziz