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New in Not what I had in mind

10:24 AM on 04.04.2007

Bioware apologizes for shoddy preview; releases one new blah screenshot

While we we were excited to see new screens from Mass Effect, we noted that they were probably the worst looking ever released. We've seen enough real time gameplay to brush them off as intern cameraship, but the gaming c...

Papa Niero

7:01 PM on 04.02.2007

Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword gameplay or Who moved the dragon-ninja cheese?

Will Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword be the most awkward franchise sequel ever or will I have to eat my words with poison darts and Cocoa Puffs? I doubt it -- this new video suggests that the gameplay is the equivalent of eating ...

Papa Niero

3:57 PM on 03.22.2007

Learn the WarHawk before your time

Three grungy-looking snapshots of the upcoming WarHawk PS3 game surfaced today with complete EA-style arcade instructions on how to pilot both the air ship and the (seemingly underdeveloped and dare I say unwanted) ground co...

Papa Niero

12:20 PM on 02.13.2007

Warhound beats Crysis in big acne scars

Will you look at this poor man's face?  I'm all for realistic imperfect skin texturing, but this latest bid by Polish developer Techland seems a bit too severe. Compare with this screenshot from Crysis and you&#...

Papa Niero

3:51 PM on 02.07.2007

New Infernal screenshots show blatant disregard for public property

Pyromaniacs, rejoice! While Infernal may not be as polished as other PC shooters we've previewed here in recent weeks, it does have three very good things going for it: (1) the main character is possesed by the devil and...

Papa Niero