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2:05 AM on 08.22.2006

Spike TV's Call of Duty 3 gaming bootcamp

Activision wants you to be a part of the Game Head: Call of Duty 3 Challenge. Apply now for a chance to play Call of Duty 3 on an episode of Spike TV’s weekly video game series "Game Head". We will select sixteen finalist...

Tom Fronczak

2:32 PM on 08.20.2006

PSP oops I mean PS3 - Video from the user interface

"IGN Weekly, the video podcast from IGN Entertainment has the first glimpse of the Playstation 3 UI via direct feed." [via IGN]


8:34 PM on 08.18.2006

LGC 2006 - First setup impressions

These are a few pictures from the installation of the booths on the German gaming event: The rest of the gallery can be viewed here.


10:03 AM on 08.16.2006

Bad Day L.A. - Hands on, Demo's out!

The Bad Day L.A. demo begins with the introduction of the most unusual hero I've ever played: Anthony is a trash-talkin' homeless guy who's crazy, clumsy, and funny as hell. Screw it - basically the main character is unoffi...


8:16 AM on 08.15.2006

New Bully Trailer

A new trailer from the game that caused a stir before anyone has played it.


4:13 PM on 08.09.2006

First Harvest Moon Wii details and images

In the latest issue of Famitsu, the first details and images of Harvest Moon Wii got revealed. Details for the controls: "The control scheme shouldn't come as much of a surprise for those who've played Harvest Moon. You per...


1:55 PM on 08.08.2006

Dark Messiah of Might & Magic - Demo available NOW

In case you've missed how great this game looks, watch the great trailers here. Today, Ubisoft released the singleplayer-demo to Dark Messiah of Might & Magic. You can get the 1,4gb monster here:


8:08 AM on 08.02.2006

Contact - New gameplay footage

The media explosion continues with these 5 videos that were released recently via GameInformer. You can watch them after the jump and in YouTubest quality(YQ for the future)! Only the best for our readers. :)


5:43 PM on 07.31.2006

New and R Rated Dead Rising material!

Webisode 3 of Capcom's "Dead Rising" has been released lately. Again it's short, but pretty well done. And this next video is an extended ad for Dead Rising. Now this is some hardcore stuff and probably nothing for the faint-hearted. I've warned you! Don't blame me if you puke all over your keyboard! [via Xboxyde]


9:31 PM on 07.27.2006

Dead Rising - Webisode 2

10 days ago Capcom published the first interesting "Webisode" of a series that gives some background information to the story of the game. This is Webisode 2 of Capcom's episodic trailer release. Some more cutscenes and the introduction of a new character are the content of the short video.


7:33 AM on 07.26.2006

Okami - New gameplay footage

These two new, really, really, awesome gameplay videos are showing some ingenious "brush technics" in a fantastic world. So many things happen on the screen and the graphics are a masterpiece! Too bad it's a PS2-only-game. I think this game would be a perfect fit for the NDS (and probably Wii)!


6:41 AM on 07.24.2006

Splinter Cell:Double Agent - Multiplayer footage

Two new multiplayer videos of Splinter Cell: Double Agent were released lately. They are showing various gameplay moves, gadgets, and modes.


1:30 PM on 07.22.2006

Tony Hawk's Project 8 - New gameplay footage

No silly season in sight! The latest Tony Hawk looks interesting. A few new camera angles and effects and it seems like they've learned something from SSX too.


11:33 AM on 07.22.2006

Star Wars Next-Gen - Teaser

This is a short video for a next-gen Star Wars game that shows impressive physics, including various uses of the Force. For which platforms and when the game will be released is still unknown.


7:57 AM on 07.22.2006

Heroes (Wii) - Grasshopper Manufacture - First footage!

One more reason for buying the Wii! Grasshopper Manufacture, who brought you the most stylish and wicked NGC game "Killer 7" have a new game in the making. The name is "Heroes" and the trailer(that was supposed to be publis...


4:12 PM on 07.21.2006

Half-Life 2: Episode 2 - New extended trailer

An extended Half-Life 2: Episode 2 trailer with some new scenes has been released today. After Portal and Team Fortress 2, Valve has published the third new trailer to their upcoming package that will include all of these mentioned games.