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New in Heavy Rain

10:20 AM on 07.26.2010

Is Heavy Rain better with Move support?

Quantic Dream's David Cage recently revealed that plans for previously announced downloadable content for Heavy Rain had been put on hold. The reason? It seems Sony was more interested in the developer working to create a pat...

Nick Chester

12:00 PM on 01.15.2010

Exploring the 'Physical Action/Reaction' of Heavy Rain

After spending hours with a preview build of Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain, I've found that it's certainly a difficult title to talk about. One of the most anticipated PlayStation 3 exclusives for 2010, I'm still not entirely su...

Nick Chester

11:00 AM on 05.25.2009

Preview: Heavy Rain

As someone who has only recently come to possess a PlayStation 3, I have paid almost no attention to Heavy Rain. Creating anticipation in myself for a game for which I do not have the hardware generally holds little appeal. S...

Conrad Zimmerman