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11:00 AM on 03.12.2014

Two new Razer laptops offer power and profile at a premium

Every time I see a razor blade in person I have to pick it up. Those things are dangerous and shouldn't be left lying about. Kids could put them in their mouth or pigeons could weaponize them. Maybe mobsters will smuggle them...

Steven Hansen

8:50 AM on 09.20.2013

Hands-on with the new PS Vita, remote play PS4 test

Forget about that short time I had with a retail demo unit last week. This week at Tokyo Game Show I've played with the new Vita multiple times with several different games. I've put it through its paces as best as I could here. I've even tested PS4-to-Vita remote play. Read on for our impressions of the new PS Vita model.

Dale North

5:15 PM on 04.02.2013

Smaller is better: Hands-on with the 7-inch Wikipad

We met with the Wikipad folks during GDC last week to get our hands and eyes on the newly shrunken Wikipad, coming down from the original 10-inch size to a more manageable (and more affordable) 7-inch version. At 10...

Dale North

3:00 PM on 10.03.2012

Hands-on with the Wikipad, gaming tablet extraordinaire

Tablets are pretty awesome pieces of technology. They still sort of make me feel like I’m in the future -- just another step closer to Minority Report. Plus, as someone who frequently ends up lugging around a not-so-por...

Steven Hansen

2:00 PM on 07.26.2012

Quick thoughts on the 3DS XL hardware

Hardware redesigns are increasingly common in our industry. Consoles, handhelds, you name it -- there are plenty of variations on this generation's systems. Nintendo is no stranger to this, with a solid four versions of their...

Abel Girmay

8:30 PM on 06.08.2012

E3: Getting my grubby mitts on FUS1ON tourney controller

E3 isn't just a time for reviewing software; it's a time for seeing the latest and greatest in videogame accessories and hardware as well. My visit to Power A was not only enlightening, it also provided me a chance to open my mind a little bit about third-party accessories and the very real benefit they can provide to the gaming community.

Holly Green

11:00 AM on 12.27.2011

PlayStation Vita hardware impressions and FAQs

It's been about one full year since we heard about Sony's Next Generation Portable, and now it's finally in the hands of (Japanese) gamers following its December 17 launch. We acquired our own Japanese launch PlayStation Vita...

Dale North

1:40 PM on 01.11.2007

Nyko: forget Sixaxis, buy Zero FTW

In addition to PS3 intercoolers, dongles, guitars, HDMI cables and other shiny accessories we also spent some time with Nyko's new Sixaxis alternative, the Zero series controller. The design is a near mirror image of their P...

Niero Gonzalez