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New in Half-Life

1:45 PM on 09.15.2012

Impressions: Black Mesa is awesome

Black Mesa is now available, I am playing it, and I can tell you that it's awesome. It is an amazing recreation of the original Half-Life with updated graphics and sounds. We'll have a review up soon. In the meantime, here's...

Joshua Derocher

11:01 AM on 12.06.2007

Stop whining: PS3 version of The Orange Box isn't broken, please relax

If you were to believe the hype, the PlayStation 3 version of The Orange Box is an unplayable mess. The man would have you believe that the game (which ran so smoothly on capable PCs and the Xbox 360) suffers from game-breaki...

Nick Chester

11:11 AM on 02.14.2007

Half Life 2: Black Box gallery 1 of 2 -- Team Fortress 2 screenshots

Valve has released a motherload of media today for both games bundled in its upcoming Half-Life 2 episode 2: Black Box. While the adventures of Gordon are always great, the screenshots of most interest to me were from the bu...

Papa Niero

1:31 PM on 01.29.2007

The incredible Shadow Of The Colossus map for Counter Strike Source

The modding community has really outdone itself on this wildly creative Counter-Strike map inspired by Shadow Of The Colossus; it is absolutely gorgeous and only a 160mb download. Unfortunately it doesn't turn your chara...

Papa Niero