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    8:19 PM on 01.01.2007

    2007: What will it bring for video games?

    As we begin a new year, it's hard not to already predict that 2007 may just be one of the best ever for gaming -- in terms of quality and quantity of titles coming out. No matter what you spend your gaming hours on, there...

    Robert Summa

    5:58 PM on 12.04.2006

    Blue Dragon opening sequence

    Blue Dragon for the 360 releases this week (December 7) in Japan, and will hopefully open up Japanese gamers to Microsoft's big, hot and noisy online-enabled object of lust. The rest of us won't get to see the game ...


    6:19 PM on 11.07.2006

    The 1UP PS3 reception in video form

    You know, I used to really really care that I didn't get my PlayStation 3 yet. A video like this would just make me go all bat nuts and crap. But now, thanks to my beloved Gears, I really don't care anymore. So, you can keep your PS3 1UP, I don't care! Really I don't. OK, maybe I do care. Where the hell is my PS3 Sony!!!!


    6:09 PM on 11.07.2006

    Bullet Witch: Not as crappy as you think

    So, after peeling myself away from Gears, I made a visit to Atari today to check out Bullet Witch for the Xbox 360 -- due out in sometime in February. My assumptions of what to expect of the game were merely a mix of this: ...


    12:51 AM on 11.07.2006

    Microsoft loves us, yes they do

    So I just got back from this great little event Microsoft held at Blvd in NYC to celebrate their upcoming holiday titles. The event was nicely laid out with free booze and a ton of games set up all over. But I had only one ...


    10:05 PM on 11.05.2006

    All hail Gears of War

    Snagged from the most recent 1UP show, the boys at Ziff Davis give a fairly lengthy (almost 10 minutes!) and in-depth look at what to expect once Gears finally drops this week. From e...


    2:47 PM on 11.03.2006

    GameStop gets their Wiimotes

    According to an employee posting at Evil Avatar, the Wiimotes have arrived to GameStop and it looks as if everything will be playable, if not today, then very soon. Check out what happened: As if on cue, the Nintendo rep w...


    3:29 PM on 11.02.2006

    PS3 Toys R Us kiosk in action

    If you can't be there first hand, well, enjoy this crappy video instead! Here's what those of you not lucky enough to live in the Big Apple are missing right now. I'm not entirely sure if other Toys R Us' around the nation have their own kiosks set up right now, but I know WE do -- and really, that's all that matters.


    3:10 PM on 11.02.2006

    PS3 playable at Toys R Us Times Square

    I had heard that the Toys R Us in Times Square, NYC, had playable PlayStation 3 kiosks, luckily for me and you, that rumor is true. There is a station set up now with four units, but only one is playable. While I was there,...


    3:04 PM on 11.02.2006

    PS3 Browser, Gizmodo reviews Gizmodo

    Frank Gronowski is a YouTube sniper. Not only did he secure us some sweet footage of the 60GB dorm room porn sanctuary PS3 web browser from Gizmodo, he also managed to do so before the story has broken on their own site. S...

    Papa Niero

    6:37 PM on 11.01.2006

    A Mexican Wii unboxing

    It appears as though Mexican magazine Atomix has hit the Nintendo jackpot and got their Wii a bit early -- you know for reviews and such. Our gaming amigos were nice enough to post some pictures of this console porn. Does lookin' at this stuff give you a stiffy or is it just me? [Via Kotaku]


    6:13 PM on 11.01.2006

    1UP sets people straight about Halo 3

    The Ziff Davis crew are real proud of their Halo 3 exclusivity, so they are being quite anxious to point out that what others are reporting and saying are wrong. Why? Cause their e-peen is so much bigger than everyone else'...


    11:47 AM on 11.01.2006

    North Americans! Get some Rainbow love

    After only being made available to those outside of North America's grasp, Microsoft has finally made available for us, the ones that count, the Rainbow Six Vegas demo. Consider it a bonus since this Wednesday's XBLA item i...


    5:50 PM on 10.31.2006

    The next best step in PC and console gaming?

    Today I was invited by Philips to check out their upcoming amBX technology for PC gamers -- they are also in talks to bring this to consoles in the future -- and see what the fuss was all about concerning this light and fee...


    11:43 AM on 10.29.2006

    The three editions of Halo 3

    It seems the Halo 3 hype has truly been kicked into high gear. So, let's start ooohhing and aaahhhing at every morsel of info passed along to our plate. The latest is how the game will be packaged. Apparently, according to ...


    3:58 AM on 10.27.2006

    Some oh-so-good Wii news

    In order to bring the fair and balanced news you expect here at Fox Ne ... oh wait, Destructoid, I thought I'd give you some talking points and words to live by as far as the Wii goes. While the news may certainly have been...