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5:40 PM on 02.10.2011

Crysis 2 multiplayer will make you 'respect the suit'

Crytek wants to tell you about character progression in Crysis 2's multiplayer mode, and apparently it all starts with the Nanosuit. A new trailer details how you can tailor your suit to your own specifications, after gainin...

Jim Sterling

1:00 PM on 02.03.2011

Crysis 2 tells you to be strong in this new trailer

Here's a new video for Crytek's upcoming eye-shagger, Crysis 2. It's called "Be Strong" and it gives you a brief summary of the series' trademark Nanosuit, and hints at the role it'll play in the sequel. Also, there's loads ...

Jim Sterling

8:20 AM on 04.09.2010

Aliens leave NYC desolate in new Crysis 2 trailer

New York City is a wonderful place, but the newest trailer for Crysis 2 illustrates the perils of flying into town in the midst of an alien invasion. The creatures annihilate an arriving military force; perhaps next tim...

Samit Sarkar