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New in Animals

5:00 AM on 02.28.2010

Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt lets you shoot animals

Hey guys, is this a preview for Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt? Yep, it's a preview for Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt, and I'll be real with you: I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be previewing Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt. But y...

Ben Perlee

1:09 PM on 04.11.2007

Famitsu: Dead Rising 2 coming to Xbox 360?

According to our Frenchy friends over at Jeux-France, the latest of issue Famitsu has revealed that Dead Rising 2 is in development. For the Xbox 360. Okay, that's pretty much all of the information they have. Move along....

Nick Chester

1:13 PM on 03.13.2007

New Witcher pictures & swag contest

Five new images of Atari's upcoming The Witcher were released today along with a swag contest for some gothic shirts sure to irriate your grandmother. The fantasy  Action-RPG is scheduled for a third quarter releas...

Papa Niero

10:43 PM on 02.24.2007

New screenshots: Lair on the PS3

JapaFags spotted 12 new images of the elusive Lair on spanish gaming site UltimaGame, locked and loaded in the gallery below. As with previous previews, the texture work on the dragons are absolutely stunning. The most notab...

Papa Niero

3:03 PM on 02.19.2007

New Fantasy Wars scree ... OMG ponies!

Just another RTS with ponies? Probably. The glistening teeth on the jolly mount drew me in to these new screenshots posted by Russian publisher 1C for their upcoming PC release Fantasy Wars, scheduled for a European release a...

Papa Niero

3:43 PM on 01.28.2007

The watered-down PS3 MotorStorm still looks hawt; riding dirty for a March debut

As you may have heard, MotorStorm was recently delayed and then officially crippled from a 1080p 60 FPS pie-in-the-sky to a 720p 30 FPS reality. One of the comments by Toneman in the discussion pretty much sums up my thoug...

Papa Niero

6:15 PM on 01.02.2007

Portable animals with down syndrome

Utter boredom does not describe the faces of the furry protagonists in Over The Hedge: Hammy Goes Nuts. Their depression and jaggy edges seem clinically serious, as if they are about to burst into tears and slit their wrists...

Papa Niero