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10:00 PM on 12.01.2006

Squenix brings you the greatest commercial known to man! [Updated!]

I want you all to find a comfortable position where you can fully absorb the majesty of the above video before you hit play. It is quite possibly the single greatest piece of film-as-surreality since Salvador Dali and Luis Bu...

Earnest Cavalli

4:53 PM on 11.25.2006

Marvel Ultimate Alliance sold as a party

Forget Yahtzee, break out the Captain America! In this new commercial for Marvel Ultimate Alliance (Mua!) a gathering of hipsters hide the the Bicardi and congregate at the Wii like mutant combat is the next MTV. Is this the ...

Papa Niero

7:09 PM on 10.25.2006

Wii mania is hitting its high note

Up until as recently as a week ago, everyone thought Nintendo's marketing staff were sitting around on their laurels, sipping coffee and making small talk. What with Sony having started advertising the PlayStation 3 as earl...