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    New in videogames

    1:30 PM on 12.04.2014

    That...barrel has breasts

    We get lots of daily tips emails at Destructoid. Sometimes hundreds. Today, we were tipped something that involves a look at the life of a red barrel in the world of videogames from the team at Mashed. "That ... that barrel has breasts," replied Destructoid's Jordan Devore. Yes, yes it does.

    Chris Carter

    6:00 PM on 08.20.2014

    The Video Game 4.0 collection from Story Bundle is out now

    I've barely finished reading the titles I bought with the last videogame-themed offer from Story Bundle and now the fourth one is here for us to enjoy. As always, there's a great mix of books on offer and for the first time, ...

    Alasdair Duncan

    12:00 AM on 08.13.2014

    Think a game has bad controls? Maybe it's your fault

    Number 56 on the master list of 235 "Things that I say that sometimes annoy people who play videogames" is that it's very rare for a game to have "bad" controls. Most of the time when people say that, they are focusing too m...

    Jonathan Holmes

    10:00 PM on 04.21.2014

    Industrious 4chan user is compiling a list of every videogame ever made

    It's a chore for me to enter a few hundreds of games into my Backloggery account, and I haven't even finished it yet. Ambitious 4chan user Data_baser is compiling a list of every video game ever made. Way to make me feel...

    Brittany Vincent

    9:30 PM on 01.22.2014

    Why you might play a videogame at your next job interview

    Let's face it, job interviews suck. Actually getting an interview, for me at least, is a minor miracle so it's just as deflating when you have to go through the whole process of trying to make yourself sound like a great cand...

    Alasdair Duncan

    1:25 PM on 12.17.2013

    Smithsonian adds Flower and Halo 2600 to its collection

    The Smithsonian American Art Museum has added another two videogames to its ever- expanding collection: thatgamecompany's Flower and Halo 2600, developed by Ed Fries. Whilst Flower had already been showcased at the 2012's Art...

    Alasdair Duncan

    3:00 AM on 08.02.2013

    Everyday Is Play is a love letter to videogames

    Backing videogame projects on Kickstarter is pretty commonplace these days but it's rarer to back a physical, videogame-related product. Everyday is Play is a book designed by Matthew Kenyon, a graphic designer from West Yor...

    Alasdair Duncan

    2:00 PM on 01.12.2013

    'Gun violent' videogames removed from MA truck stops

    My original plan for today was to head out to Connecticut to talk to residents of Southington about their initiative to destroy violent videogames. That event was canceled. So one ridiculous sidestepping of the real...

    Jonathan Holmes

    8:00 PM on 12.30.2012

    Art Hawk talks Grand Theft Auto

    There was an episode of Talking to Women about Videogames a while back that got screwed up when it started to rain, requiring that we abruptly end the episode without a proper resolution. That's why Art Hawk (also known...

    Jonathan Holmes

    5:30 PM on 12.23.2011

    Live show: Tell us what to play on Mash Tactics today!

    Today, Mash Tactics is playing whatever they feel like. The end of the week is what we affectionately call "A.D.D. Fridays." We take suggestions on what to play, then we play along with the people watching at home. Mash Ta...

    Wesley Ruscher

    1:30 PM on 10.31.2011

    BritToid ep 18: Keep calm and say farewell to Hollie

    So here it is, ladies and gentlemen: not only my very last BritToid, but also my very last front-page post as staff here at Destructoid. As of tomorrow, I will be the new Consumer and Community PR for Namco Bandai in the...

    Hollie Bennett

    11:30 AM on 09.11.2011

    Sufferrosa is an 'experimental storytelling project'

    Do you like Choose Your Own Adventure books? Do you like pompous foreign art experiments? Were Sega CD FMV games the highlight of the 16-bit era for you? Then you are gonna love Sufferrosa! From director Dawid Marcinkowski of...

    Tony Ponce

    12:45 PM on 08.19.2011

    Gamescom Day 2 wrap up

    Yes, can you believe it? Despite no food, sleep and horrible schedules the entire gamescom 2011 team remains alive! Today Maurice Tan, Daniel Carneiro and myself talk about what we have seen, what games we think should be co...

    Hollie Bennett

    10:30 AM on 08.16.2011

    Meet the Gamescom 2011 team

    While I am probably on my forth or fifth mini-meltdown this week it appears that nearly all my pre-gamescom prep work is completed and the team is eager to be let loose at one of biggest gaming events in the world....

    Hollie Bennett

    10:30 AM on 07.16.2011

    BritToid Ep 12: Keep calm and touch a bear

    This episode reaches you in a far more timely manner than we are used to seeing and I proudly present the retun of the full cast for the first time in many, many months.  In episode 12 we ta...

    Hollie Bennett

    1:00 PM on 07.01.2011

    BritToid Ep 11: Keep calm and plug the flow

    While this may only be the 11th official BritToid podcast, it is actually our one year anniversary and it has definitely been an interesting adventure. When I started working for Destructoid I always said I wanted t...

    Hollie Bennett