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    5:30 PM on 04.14.2014

    Child of Light trailer shows off world of Lemuria

    A new trailer for upcoming Ubisoft RPG Child of Light shows off the watercolor world of Lemuria. We already knew this game is going to be a treat for the eyes, but this new world tour video shows us that we've got so much mo...

    Dale North

    2:15 PM on 04.08.2014

    LEGO The Hobbit now available

    Warner Bros. has released LEGO: The Hobbit to retailers in North America today, with a European release coming on April 11. As one might expect, new marketing materials have been released for the game, including the abo...

    Conrad Zimmerman

    9:00 AM on 04.08.2014

    'Nowhere to Run' in new Wolfenstein gameplay trailer

    I've got kind of a thing for Wolfenstein 3D, since it was one of the first PC games I ever played, but also World War II and alternate histories in general. So excuse me while I indulge in some inappropriate levels of excite...

    Brittany Vincent

    4:30 PM on 04.07.2014

    Broforce now available on Steam Early Access

    I really want Broforce in my life. As of today, that can be a reality as the game has launched in Steam Early Access. You may now feel free to exchange $14.99 for the ability to play on PC or Mac. A new trailer has also...

    Conrad Zimmerman

    2:30 PM on 04.07.2014

    Ubisoft to publish AirMech Arena on Xbox 360

    AirMech, the action-oriented real-time strategy franchise from Carbon Games, will be arriving on Xbox 360 this summer. Published by Ubisoft, AirMech Arena will offer free-to-play cooperative and competitive multiplayer ...

    Conrad Zimmerman

    12:45 PM on 04.03.2014

    Anomaly trilogy to close with Anomaly Defenders

    I loved the first two Anomaly games for how they turned traditional tower defense mechanics on their head to make something fun and different. I'm not so sure about the announcement of the series' final installment, rev...

    Conrad Zimmerman

    3:15 PM on 03.27.2014

    Watch Dogs' digital Chicago explored in new trailer

    A new video has been released by Ubisoft to inform players of what they can expect when exploring the city of Chicago in Watch Dogs. It emphasizes the open nature of the world, the player's ability to impact it through the g...

    Conrad Zimmerman

    7:30 PM on 03.25.2014

    New Cabela's trailer puts a happy face on hunting

    Cabela's Big Game Hunter: Pro Hunts was released into the wild today for Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and Wii U. Activision released this trailer to accompany the launch. I love it so, so much. It's less about the gameplay, which...

    Conrad Zimmerman

    5:30 PM on 03.25.2014

    Trick-filled new trailer for Trials Fusion

    Ubisoft has released this new trailer for Trials Fusion, with a look at some of the flips, grabs and holds possible with the game's new FMX trick system. Trials may not have needed more ways to screw up a landing, but t...

    Conrad Zimmerman

    9:00 PM on 03.13.2014

    Among the Sleep still looks pretty creepy

    When I was a toddler, I don't think I was afraid of a lot of things. Maybe just clowns or pooping my nappy. Actually, my cousin's Star Wars figure case that was shaped like Darth Vader's head was scary too. Waking up to find...

    Alasdair Duncan

    3:00 AM on 03.05.2014

    Freedom Wars warns of million year prisons, giant monsters

    Our freedom is under attack, America (or Japan). First it was the war on Christmas. Then the war on Christianity. Soon we will all be born slaves, toiling for the mooching liberal welfare state and unable to bring guns into ...

    Steven Hansen

    12:45 PM on 03.04.2014

    Grab your pilot and watch the Titanfall launch trailer

    Titanfall is just one week from release, which also means we're nearing hype critical mass. Here is today's reminder that Titanfall will provide a much-needed feather in Microsoft's cap when the game releases for W...

    Conrad Zimmerman

    4:45 PM on 02.13.2014

    Bayonetta 2 gets a new trailer with new characters

    Sadly, nothing really substantial was discussed about Bayonetta 2 at today's Nintendo Direct (not even a release window other than "later this year"), but a new trailer was dropped that helps us get a better look at the game. All of the standard Bayonetta staples are here, including big boss battles, Witch Time dodging, and of course -- more surfing.

    Chris Carter

    11:30 AM on 02.04.2014

    New Thief video teaches how to steal in style

    The title of this Thief video calls it a trailer, but I'd be hard-pressed to classify it as such. Not many trailers run six minutes, but whatever this is, it remains interesting the whole time. I guess badass thievery a...

    Brett Makedonski

    2:15 PM on 01.28.2014

    Double Fine's Broken Age Act 1 now playable by all

    Well, this is it. After a short period during which only the backers of the Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter project had access, Broken Age Act I has now been released on Steam for all to buy and play. As successful as...

    Conrad Zimmerman

    1:15 PM on 01.28.2014

    The Burial at Sea: Episode Two trailer might ruin the fun

    So, I have about a million things that I want to say about this BioShock Infinite Burial at Sea: Episode Two trailer, but can't for running the risk of spoiling it for those that want the purest experience possible. If ...

    Brett Makedonski