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    8:00 AM on 04.08.2014

    Silent Horror soundtrack is back from the dead and ready to download

    Back in 2005, a small team made Silent Horror, an independent film homage to survival horror, with obvious nods to the legendary Silent Hill franchise. Before he was Destructoid's Editor-in-Chief, Dale North composed the soun...

    Darren Nakamura

    1:00 PM on 03.17.2014

    Home announced for PS4 and PS Vita

    The indie games just won't stop coming to Sony's tent, and today we learn that Ben Rivers' Home will be arriving on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita later this year. Atmospheric and full of surprises, Home is a creepy ...

    Conrad Zimmerman

    12:45 PM on 02.24.2014

    Caffeine teases a creepy space adventure about coffee

    This is the latest teaser for an in-development space horror/adventure game, Caffeine, which will put the player into the role of a young boy who awakes on a seemingly abandoned "caffeine mining station." If that idea strike...

    Conrad Zimmerman

    10:30 PM on 02.20.2014

    Daylight will let Twitch users scare PS4 streamers

    Atlus dropped quite a bit of interesting information regarding the first-person horror game Daylight today. The most important nuggets may be that the game is now set to release for PC and PlayStation 4 on April 8, price...

    Conrad Zimmerman

    5:45 PM on 02.11.2014

    Creepy child dragging game Murasaki Baby coming to NA

    The dark, twisted game from Italian studio Ovosonico, Murasaki Baby, is coming to Vita in North America. You'll be tasked with guiding Baby back to her mother and away from terrifying nose monsters that are chasing her aroun...

    Steven Hansen

    4:15 PM on 02.07.2014

    NaissanceE: a scary space station without any necromorphs

    Honestly, this might be more scary than an average survival horror game. It is not even clear if NaissanceE is supposed to be a frightening experience, and that just makes it seem even scarier. At least, that is my reaction ...

    Darren Nakamura

    9:00 AM on 01.18.2014

    Why I'm glad The Legend of Zelda's Hyrule isn't real

    I always wanted to travel to The Legend of Zelda's Hyrule, among other amazing fantasy worlds I've virtually visited; that is until I saw these amazingly disturbing pictures by artist Nate Hallinan. Seriously look at that skulltula... WTF! And I thought Australia had it bad when it came to eight-legged critters.  

    Wesley Ruscher

    4:30 PM on 12.06.2013

    Eldritch expanding to The Mountains of Madness

    The endlessly creepy Eldritch will receive a free expansion later this month entitled "Mountains of Madness," based upon an H.P. Lovecraft serial of similar name. The original story describes an Antarctic expedition which me...

    Conrad Zimmerman

    7:30 PM on 11.18.2013

    i Live is a creepy baby simulator for iOS

    Words cannot express how deeply unsettled I am by this video for i Live, a forthcoming iOS game from Italian developer LGD Studio. It has a room full of squishy, mottled, 3D-rendered baby things and tutorial instruction...

    Conrad Zimmerman

    3:30 PM on 11.18.2013

    Dementium II HD sound effects provided by schnauzer

    A new developer diary for Dementium II HD has been unleashed upon an unwitting world. This time, sound designer Morné Marais goes over some of his approaches to creating audio for the game, always crucial to evoking the proper mood in a horror title.  Who knew such a cute little mutt could be responsible for so many horrible sounds?

    Conrad Zimmerman

    7:30 PM on 11.01.2013

    Dementium II HD features high resolution rust

    Progress continues on the PC and Mac bound Dementium II HD, a visually enhanced version of the highly creepy Nintendo DS game from Renegade Kid. A new teaser trailer, seen above, flits about from one filthy hospital environm...

    Conrad Zimmerman

    7:00 PM on 10.31.2013

    Mod DB shares its top horror missions for The Dark Mod

    If you are a fan of The Dark Mod, a Thief-inspired Doom 3 mod that is now standalone, you need to check out this list of scary mods to celebrate Halloween. Mod DB put together a list of its favorite horror-themed mods fo...

    Joshua Derocher

    10:19 AM on 10.24.2013

    Creeped out by images from 3DS game My Little Baby 3D

    Just in time for Halloween we get a press release for a 3DS title from Treva Entertainment called My Little Baby 3D. Sounds innocent enough, right? Wait until you see the images from the game. *hides under blanket* The idea i...

    Dale North

    11:09 AM on 08.22.2013

    Murasaki Baby is strange and wonderful

    PlayStation Vita title Murasaki Baby looked to be pretty dark and twisted in its debut trailer at Sony's gamescom press conference earlier this week. Now that I've played it, I'd say that it isn't quite as dark as it first ca...

    Dale North