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    New in fan game

    4:30 PM on 03.24.2015

    Fan-made Dragon Ball Z fighter still looks amazing

    There is perhaps less urgency in the Hyper Dragon Ball Z fan fighter coming to fruition now that Arc System Works (Guilty Gear) is releasing a robust 2D Dragon Ball Z fighter. That does not mean I do not want to play both games, however. Especially because Hyper Dragon Ball Z is still looking excellent, as you can see above. That Gohan speaks to me on an emotional level.

    Steven Hansen

    9:00 AM on 03.12.2015

    Mega Man Unlimited gets super tough Omega bosses and more

    Your eyes do not deceive! Tony Ponce is writing about Mega Man on the front page! I want to talk today about Mega Man Unlimited, the fan game I reviewed nearly two years ago that made me cry manly tears. You remember that tas...

    Tony Ponce

    2:00 AM on 03.07.2015

    We'll never get to play this Final Fantasy VII fan sequel

    Rodensoft, a Japanese indie developer, has revealed new information regarding a Final Fantasy VII fan game in development as a personal project. Final Fantasy VII: Time Guardian was planned to be an alternate version of the ...

    Jason Faulkner

    8:00 PM on 02.24.2015

    Fan-made Mother 4 still on track, finally gets a gameplay trailer

    EarthBound creator Shigesato Itoi has already confirmed multiple times that he's not interested in working on any more games in the Mother series, but he wouldn't mind playing Mother 4 if it was made by somebody el...

    Ben Davis

    4:30 PM on 02.01.2015

    This full remake of Resident Evil 2 in Unreal Engine 3 shows some real dedication

    While Capcom is spinning its wheels on the series (although Resident Evil HD Remastered was good and Resident Evil: Revelations 2 looks promising), YouTube user Rod Lima has finished a complete remake of Resident Evil 2 in U...

    Jason Faulkner

    11:00 PM on 01.21.2015

    Adorable fan-made mock-up of Kid Icarus Advance

    We've seen a lot of great indie developers propose fun reinventions of classic Nintendo franchises lately. The sports-action Daisy title imagined Konjak looks amazing, as does the concept for a new Wario Land game by Snakepi...

    Jonathan Holmes

    7:00 PM on 01.19.2015

    Students create a self-aware Mario who contemplates death

    In the film Grizzly Man, director Werner Herzog layers his own thoughts on life, death, and everything in between over footage of ill-fated bear enthusiast Timothy Treadwell. I kept getting Grizzly Man flashbacks while watch...

    Jonathan Holmes

    5:00 PM on 01.07.2015

    Absurdly tough I Wanna Be The Boshy looks effortless in this speedrun

    Here's speedrunner witwix playing I Wanna Be The Boshy -- a precision platformer meant for so-called "humans" who find I Wanna Be The Guy, one of the most challenging games ever devised, too easy -- for the charity marathon ...

    Jordan Devore

    11:00 AM on 09.08.2014

    Mega Man X fan? Check out some gameplay from fangame 'Corrupted'

    Mega Man enthusiasts are likely aware of the Mega Man X: Corrupted project. It's been in the works for about seven years now, promises to be a treat for X series fans. Now you can get a look at the Crystal Rafflar stage...

    Chris Carter

    2:00 PM on 09.01.2014

    Mega Man Legends 3 8-bit fangame is now available to the public

    Mega Man Legends 3 may be cancelled, but fans have worked tirelessly to create a fangame based on the concept. Created as a prologue to Legends 3, this 8-bit release walks you through what might have happened, with great gam...

    Chris Carter

    1:00 PM on 08.18.2014

    The Mega Man 2.5D project moves into beta 3.0, still has co-op

    The newest iteration of developer Peter Sjostrand's Mega Man 2.5D is out, and you can download it off the official site. The 3.0 beta boasts new co-op and single-player stages, including Splash Woman and Quick Man....

    Chris Carter

    12:15 PM on 08.18.2014

    Metal Gear fan remake is cancelled, developers release trailer narrated by David Hayter

    Well, this is awkward. Back in June, Konami gave a group of Metal Gear fans its blessing to produce a free remake of the original MSX Metal Gear. The project attracted a lot of talent, including those who've worked on such ti...

    Alessandro Fillari

    11:00 AM on 08.18.2014

    Here's the Mega Man Legends 3 8-bit launch trailer

    Just recently we found out that the Mega Man Legends 3 8-bit demake was completed, and now we have a new launch trailer to see it in action. As a reminder, you can shell out for a physical soundtrack disc as well as a copy of the game, but it'll also drop for free on August 30. Be sure and pick it up as soon as possible on that date just in case something happens with Capcom!

    Chris Carter

    9:30 PM on 07.22.2014

    Video: Dragon Ball Online fan remake happening, and Xenoverse still looks like a remake

    A group of Dragon Ball Online fans, who happen to also be developers, are translating the game into English and re-releasing it as Dragon Ball Online: Revelations. Meanwhile, we've got more screenshots of Dragon Ball Xenoverse, a game which I still firmly believe to be an adaptation of Dragon Ball Online.

    Bill Zoeker

    1:30 PM on 05.10.2014

    Retro Game Challenge 2 fan translation almost complete

    The old rule of thumb was that fan translations never get picked by the game's original developer or publisher, but Stiens;Gate and Ys: The Oath of Felghana proved differently. I hope that Retro Game Challenge 2 (known as Ga...

    Jonathan Holmes

    1:30 PM on 04.30.2014

    Serious Sam Classics: Revolution out now on Early Access

    It's time to get serious. Or stoic. Actually, if Serious Sam is your thing, you might even want to get excited. A team of fans (with Croteam's blessing, no less) has launched Serious Sam Classics: Revolution on Steam, an ite...

    Brittany Vincent