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    New in eBay

    4:45 PM on 01.08.2015

    Wii U and PlayStation 4 get 10% price cut on eBay

    We've mused about this before, but usually the random unannounced deals are the most solid. A few retailers are offering good pricing on console hardware this week via their eBay storefronts -- aka outlets where they can sell...


    5:00 PM on 12.01.2014

    That defective Samus amiibo fetched $2,500 at auction

    One reddit user accidentally picked up a defective Samus Aran amiibo, and he's going to profit considerably off of it -- more than one G per arm cannon. The rare Samus amiibo, which was put on eBay one week ago, just sold for...

    Brett Makedonski

    9:00 PM on 11.13.2014

    $50 Steam, PSN Gift Cards going for $40 at Best Buy via eBay

    Deals brought to you by the crew at Dealzon. FYI: sales from certain retailers go toward supporting Destructoid. Loaded title above but some solid deals. A rare and a rather surprising deal just showed up for eBay this m...


    5:45 PM on 02.10.2014

    16GB iPhone with 'rare' Flappy Bird going for 6 million

    You can find all sorts of stuff on eBay. I like finding rare games and seeing if I can get a good deal (I'm currently still trying to snag a copy of Die Hard Arcade for Sega Saturn for under $30) but sometimes some deals just...

    Ian Bonds

    4:22 PM on 01.26.2014

    Nintendo World Championship won't sell for $99,902

    [Update 2] I reached out to the seller and unfortunately the winning bidder has retracted his offer. "The unfortunate reality is the second I approached the winning buyer with payment options, they retracted their bid claimin...

    Wesley Ruscher

    9:30 AM on 11.26.2013

    There are 8,000 Xbox Ones and 9,000 PS4s on eBay

    There are approximately 8,000 Xbox One listings on eBay (7,925, to be exact) right now. We were sent word this morning that nearly 7,000 Xbox One consoles sold on eBay over the launch weekend, and that more than 12,000 of the...

    Dale North

    10:30 AM on 10.08.2013

    This Dreamcast 15th anniversary watch is beautiful

    I am still somehow madly in love with the Dreamcast, even 15 years later. Someone in Japan is just as sick as I am as they thought it would be a good idea to release a commemorative anniversary watch. This silver and stainles...

    Dale North

    8:00 PM on 05.27.2013

    eBay Germany supports Wii U's lack of restrictions

    Whoever manages eBay Germany's Facebook page must be a huge Nintendo fan -- or at least is a master at capitalizing on current gamer worries and frustrations. It's apparent that Xbox One is charting a dark path, and the jury'...

    Tony Ponce

    1:30 PM on 04.25.2013

    Every (Japanese) GBA cartridge ever released for sale

    Wouldn't it be cool to own every Game Boy Advance cartridge ever? It's still one of my favorite systems, and I've become obsessed with owning as many carts as possible these last few years. Trips to Japan have me bringing bac...

    Dale North

    4:45 PM on 02.07.2013

    $550,000 eBay auction for 330 consoles, 6850 games

    Wow. So who's got half a million to spare for an ultimate collection of videogames? The eBay lister is getting rid of his massive collection, which consists of 330 consoles, 6850 games, 220 controllers, 185 ...

    Hamza CTZ Aziz

    11:00 AM on 12.01.2012

    Who wants to buy every Japanese GBA game ever?

    There is something very awe-inspiring about seeing every game for a particular platform in one place, like looking out an airplane window while flying over a major city and feeling like a god who could reshape the land with b...

    Tony Ponce

    12:30 PM on 11.26.2012

    Cardboard Wii U GamePad enjoys eBay bid of $91,300.00

    A terrible cardboard cutout of a Wii U GamePad currently has a bid of $91,300.00 on eBay. The fact someone put the unconvincing replica on eBay is funny enough, but the number of "accidental" bids coming in are icin...

    Jim Sterling

    3:00 PM on 11.23.2012

    Black Friday finds: $12,000 sealed yellow-boxed SNES game

    You could hit the stores and get those $30 copies of EA games from earlier this year. Or! Or you could go way back to the Super Nintendo era and get the kids something they'd really love.  Actually, kids wouldn't even pl...

    Dale North

    8:30 AM on 09.03.2012

    Resident Evil 6 stolen, being sold for ludicrous amounts

    A small quantity of Resident Evil 6 copies have been thieved and are floating around Europe, waiting to be purchased. It was originally reported that a retailer in Poland had broken street date by a month, but Capcom has conf...

    Jim Sterling

    4:30 PM on 08.06.2012

    How about a $200,000 NES Mario/Duck Hunt prototype

    I loved my Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt cartridge, but I wouldn't give $3 for that sh*t now. What makes this guy think someone is going to pay $200,000 for a prototype cartridge with these games on it (also includes Wor...

    Dale North

    8:30 AM on 06.13.2012

    Diablo III real money auctions live, people spending $$$

    Diablo III's real money auction house went live last night, and people are already proving that they have more money than sense. Within hours of it opening up, folks are gleefully pumping more of their own hard earned cash in...

    Jim Sterling