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3:40 PM on 10.05.2010

Hands-on: Rush'n Attack: Ex-Patriot

Rush'n Attack: Ex Patriot has a major problem when it comes to plot. You see, it's not the late 1980s anymore, so the rampant fear of Soviet Russia doesn't hang over us like a red curtain. So Rush'n Attack: Ex Patri...

Ben Perlee

1:00 PM on 05.09.2010

Bloody good Super Meat Boy gameplay montage

Since Super Meat Boy was first announced, it's inspired two comic books, plenty of stuffed "animals", and an educational series of posts on game design, among other things. The US army even sent the game's developers a flag....

Jonathan Holmes

2:00 PM on 02.23.2010

Xbox 360 is the best girlfriend you'll ever have

I love my PlayStation 3 -- a lot more than I really should. My curvy, delicious, Japanese piece of hardware likes it when I set the lights low, turn the stereo up and play with her all night long. There's something particula...


12:00 PM on 02.18.2010

Shining a light on Remedy's Alan Wake

Alan Wake has been a long time coming. Back in 2005, we were shown a game featuring a guy who looked like Johnny Depp in the film Secret Window. Which would make sense -- both are both about male writers dealing with writer's...

Ben Perlee

6:20 PM on 02.15.2010

X10: Breaking things down with Crackdown 2

Looking at Crackdown 2, it's pretty clear that developer Ruffian Games wants to make the game that much bigger and that much better than before. While that's all grand and good, Crackdown 2 is really aiming to take what was o...

Ben Perlee

4:20 PM on 02.15.2010

X10: Hands-on with Toy Soldiers

March 3 is going to be a pretty exciting day for those who are into videogames. Microsoft has some interesting spring plans with Block Party, a sort of Summer of Arcade for the equinoctial crowd. Kicking things off on March 3...

Ben Perlee

2:40 PM on 02.15.2010

X10: Going to the junkyard with Scrap Metal

By now you hopefully know that Microsoft has a big month of March planned for DLC and downloadable games. Actually, its spring "Block Party" is a flagship event, much like their Summer of Arcade.  This March we’ll ...

Ben Perlee

4:00 AM on 02.14.2010

No 250GB 360 hard drive planned outside of bundles

While filling up your 360's hard drive is getting to be an easier and easier task thanks to the plethora of quality downloadable games and game demos on the system it doesn't seem that Microsoft will be releasing a 250GB hard...

Matthew Razak

5:00 PM on 02.12.2010

X10: Taking things back with Perfect Dark

Back in 2000, when the original Perfect Dark came out, Rare was riding high. They had just come off the most successful console first-person shooter ever made, they and Nintendo were BFFs, and Perfect Dark was on everybody's ...

Ben Perlee

12:20 PM on 02.12.2010

X10: Going underground with L4D2's The Passing

If you paid attention to all the X10 news that broke out yesterday, you'd notice Left 4 Dead (both of them!) is receiving all sorts of new updates. Between a comic book, an awesome-sounding return to the original game with ne...

Ben Perlee

11:40 AM on 02.12.2010

X10: Going to the arcade with Game Room

When I walked into, well, Game Room, I honestly had the feeling that the thing I was about to experience was going to be a lot like PlayStation Home. You know, controlling your Avatar through a virtual space and all. However,...

Ben Perlee

11:00 AM on 02.12.2010

X10: Hands-on with Dead Rising 2

I loved the original Dead Rising, and it is a really wonderful thing to see that the game is making a solid return to gamer's minds with Dead Rising 2. Capcom and Blue Castle Games are clearly making a title that is going to ...

Ben Perlee

10:00 AM on 02.12.2010

X10: A sandbox shooter and whole lot more: Halo: Reach

I've never been a fan of Halo because I'm too cool for school, and popular games are hella lame, and no one cool likes what everyone likes. I also wear thick rimmed glasses and listen to pretentious music, so that makes me a ...

Ben Perlee

9:00 AM on 02.12.2010

X10: Hands-off with Fable III

I hope you guys have been having a good time checking out the X10 information that has been flowing out like a stream of Microsoft-branded consciousness. Seriously, it's kicking the butts of everyone who is going, and I'm doi...

Ben Perlee

8:20 AM on 02.12.2010

X10: Here are some new Alan Wake screenshots

To compliment the news that Alan Wake won't be coming to PC, here are some fresh screenshots that show off the "psychological action thriller thing" in action. The images are basically what we've come to expect from Alan Wake...

Jim Sterling

6:43 PM on 02.11.2010

X10: There will be no health bar in Fable III

Each new Fable brings fresh ideas and new mechanics to the table. Fable III is no exception -- but one in particular might just get you "super pissed."During the presentation for the upcoming title at Microsoft's media-only X...

Brad Nicholson