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Top Stories in Windows 8

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    New in Windows 8

    12:30 PM on 02.23.2015

    Windows Store selling fake versions of Darkest Dungeon

    There's a new app version of Red Hook Studios' groundbreaking roguelike Darkest Dungeon. Currently it's up for grabs on Microsoft's highly reputable Windows Store at the reasonable price point of only...

    Rob Morrow

    5:30 PM on 08.25.2014

    Age of Empires: Castle Siege just sounds like a mobile game

    The next entry in the long-running Age of Empire series is Castle Siege, a touch-based game built for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 by Smoking Gun Interactive. Players will gather resources and build up civilizations such as...

    Jordan Devore

    5:00 PM on 05.20.2014

    Third time's the charm? Microsoft reveals Surface Pro 3 tablet

    Microsoft won't give up on the Surface because of failures of past iterations. No, it's intent on making an impression on the tablet market. As such, Microsoft revealed the Surface Pro 3 today. It seems that Microsoft's prima...

    Brett Makedonski

    9:00 AM on 04.28.2014

    Xbox Originals will hit Windows 8 products, revenue model still being worked on

    Xbox Originals is going to produce shows based on Microsoft IPs such as State of Decay, Halo, and more, along with producing all sorts of other original content. I have some very early impressions on a lot of the content in d...

    Hamza CTZ Aziz

    8:00 AM on 04.28.2014

    Live-action adaptations of State of Decay, Gears of War, more in the works

    Microsoft showed off its plans for the Xbox Originals programming to Destructoid and one of the major takeaways from the meeting we had was that the company is currently looking at creating live-action content based on Halo, ...

    Hamza CTZ Aziz

    1:00 AM on 04.24.2014

    Windows Start Menu slated to return in the near future

    In a marked change of pace for typical Windows releases, Terry Myerson, head of Microsoft’s Windows and Xbox software division, demonstrated a prototype build of a hybridized Start Menu. Combining the classic function ...

    Brittany Vincent

    8:00 PM on 04.02.2014

    There's a game called Tentacles: Enter the Mind

    "Tentacles: Enter the Mind is a completely new take on the Tentacles universe and mechanic from the award winning Tentacles: Enter the Dolphin." Never before have I felt so utterly out of the loop. Who came up with that nam...

    Jordan Devore

    4:45 PM on 04.02.2014

    Meet Cortana, Windows 8.1 Phone's personal assistant

    Today's Build Developer Conference saw Microsoft showing off Windows Phone 8.1, complete with its own personal assistant, the aptly-named Cortana. It's official! Signs of rampancy are likely still dormant, so at least that's...

    Brittany Vincent

    4:30 PM on 03.04.2014

    Project Spark beta extended to Xbox One

    The Project Spark beta is far from new at this point, but it's no longer restricted to Windows 8.1 users. Some 250,000 people have signed up and I imagine many more will express their interest now that the beta can be experi...

    Jordan Devore

    1:15 PM on 03.03.2014

    Cortana is Microsoft's answer to Apple's Siri

    Windows phones are getting a personal assistant in the Windows Phone 8.1 update that will replace the built-in Bing search. Cortana is a little blue ring, not a full 3D blue woman, and it is Microsoft's answer to Apple's Siri...

    Steven Hansen

    12:45 PM on 01.31.2014

    Halo: Spartan Assault storms to Xbox 360 today

    One thing that can be said for Halo: Spartan Assault is that it's certainly the most accessible of the Halo games. Hell, it's landed on about every Microsoft platform in recent memory. Today, Xbox 360 gets added to ...

    Brett Makedonski

    6:00 AM on 01.29.2014

    Star Wars: Assault Team is a turn-based mobile game

    Disney Interactive and LucasArts have announced Star Wars: Assault Team for iOS, Windows 8, and Android. It's a turn-based combat game involving card-battling elements. You'll collect characters from the Star Wars universe an...

    Hamza CTZ Aziz

    12:00 PM on 01.05.2014

    Throne Together is a puzzle game for Windows 8

    Hey remember that Throne Together trademark that was filed by Microsoft? Yeah turns out it's a block-based puzzle game for Windows 8. It's a game where you have to place blocks down to build castles. You have to be careful wi...

    Hamza CTZ Aziz

    8:00 PM on 01.03.2014

    Wikipad to produce Gamevice mobile gaming controller

    The manufacturers of the Wikipad gaming tablet have announced plans to release a controller accessory compatible with other brands of mobile devices, Gamevice. The controller, which can expand or contract to fit various table...

    Conrad Zimmerman

    6:30 PM on 01.03.2014

    Microsoft files a trademark for 'Throne Together'

    Back in May when Microsoft first announced the Xbox One, it also promised to bring a fair number of exclusives and new IPs to the platform. While there's some stuff currently available and more in the pipeline, a title just p...

    Brett Makedonski

    2:30 PM on 12.03.2013

    Try the Project Spark beta ... if you have Windows 8.1

    While Project Spark is also coming to Xbox 360 and Xbox One, for now, the game about creating games has a beta -- and it's only available for Windows 8.1 users. There's a sign-up page over here, in case you missed seeing it e...

    Jordan Devore