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    New in Wiitards

    3:00 AM on 10.19.2009

    Wiitard accident caught on live TV

    Don't you just love live TV? The Home Shopping Network was selling a Wii with a 15 Wiimote accessory pack when the best thing that could have ever happen, happened. The host goes to swing the Wiimote with a tennis racket att...

    Hamza CTZ Aziz

    6:30 PM on 07.11.2009

    38-in-1 Wii accessory kit is dum... ahhh, what's the point

    Crappy peripheral maker Areus Tech had already blown the world away when they revealed they were going to release a whopping 21-piece Wii Remote attachment collection, but they weren't content with mediocrity. 21 is such a lo...

    Matthew Razak

    2:40 PM on 04.16.2009

    Really? Wii Sports Resort, MotionPlus top Amazon sales

    Seriously? Are people really beating down doors for the upcoming Wii accessory Wii MotionPlus and the new game Wii Sports Resort? They haven't even played it yet, but somehow the device and game are ranked on's top...

    Dale North

    6:20 PM on 04.07.2009

    Robocalypse: Beaver Defense coming to WiiWare

    Remember that Robocalypse Wii "sequel" rumor we wrote about not too long ago? Well, it was mostly right. Vogster has announced today that it will be bringing Robocalypse: Beaver Defense to WiiWare this summer. ...

    Nick Chester

    9:00 PM on 12.29.2008

    Woman tries to use Wii as a credit card machine ... fails

    Usually, there's nothing funny about a woman abusing her slot, but this one is just too good to pass up. A NeoGAF eyewitness has recounted the tale of how his neighbor -- a poor, unassuming, completely out-of-touch woman -- t...

    Jim Sterling

    6:40 PM on 12.16.2008

    WiiWare title Evasive Space lets you point to pilot

    [video]114866:890[/video]Evasive Space is a top-down action adventure title where you pilot a spaceship through obsctacles. You're working on a time limit, working to collect items on missions to save the universe from someon...

    Dale North

    10:12 AM on 06.16.2008

    Wii Fit and women leave wake of destruction

    I don't know what you think of when you imagine Wii Fit gaming, but I've always pictured a obese woman in ill-fitting sports wear, jumping up and down on a plastic board that can barely take her weight. She steps on the cat's...

    Dale North

    8:33 PM on 04.13.2008

    Hilarious car dealership ad offers savings for hitting homers in Wii Baseball

    “SAFE! SAFE! You’re always safe when you choose Hamilton!” Thus begins this priceless car commercial from Hamilton Nissan (Hagerstown, MD) and Hamilton Hyundai (Chambersburg, PA). A ‘ten’ on th...

    Samit Sarkar

    6:29 PM on 03.19.2008

    Another stupid buzzword for the pile: Say hello to 'bridge games'

    As if splitting videogames into "hardcore" and "casual" wasn't stupid enough, Nintendo has decided to throw another idiotic and ill-defined buzzword into the ring -- announcing that Mario Kart Wii is now a...

    Jim Sterling

    5:45 AM on 03.18.2008

    Opinion: Why people who whine about review scores are wankers

    Nobody likes being disagreed with, and nobody enjoys having something that they like besmirched. However, when it comes to differences of opinion, there is a marked difference between debating the issue and becoming a stupid,...

    Jim Sterling

    7:45 PM on 02.27.2008

    The new worst idea for a port ever: Resident Evil Zero Wii Edition

    I thought I had seen the worst video game port ever. I was wrong. Today, news hit our internets that this summer, lucky Japanese Wii owners will have the opportunity to buy Resident Evil Zero for their beloved show stealing c...

    Jonathan Holmes

    7:16 PM on 02.25.2008

    Web site for Everyone's Pokemon Ranch Wii channel updated: Cute-o-phobes despair

    Last year, Nintendo announced an upcoming Wii channel that would allow owners of Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl to transfer their Pokemon from either DS game over to their Wii for purposes of sorting and storage. Then, the...

    Jonathan Holmes

    2:23 PM on 02.15.2008

    Panasonic works on Wii-proof plasma TVs

    It seems that electronics company Panasonic has taken notice of the high number of idiots that can't keep ahold of their Wii Remotes. They could just continue making and selling regular televisions, citing their locked down w...

    Dale North

    7:57 AM on 02.01.2008

    Nintendo is demented: Patented diagrams show some awful Wii gimmick ideas

    CVG has uncovered some absolutely stunning ideas from Nintendo -- stunning due to just how unbelievably stupid they are. If you thought Nintendo couldn't get lower than The Virtual Boy or R.O.B, just look at what the company ...

    Jim Sterling

    6:08 PM on 01.24.2008

    If you want to be fit, Wii won't cut it

    Not yet, at least. We hear so much about how the Nintendo Wii's wand wiggling could benefit a player's physical fitness, but a new study says that it may not benefit us as much as we originally thought.Dalhousie University s...

    Dale North

    1:44 PM on 01.19.2008

    Weekend Destructainment: All Your Base Are Belong to Us!

    First off, yes, this video is old. I've never seen it before and it has never graced Destructoid though, so it's perfectly OK for me to post this! Anyway, mainstream media had made a startling discover on our Internets. They...

    Hamza CTZ Aziz