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    New in Trenched

    5:00 PM on 02.08.2012

    Review: Iron Brigade: Rise of the Martian Bear

    Europeans finally got to play Double Fine's excellent mech-meets-tower defense game Iron Brigade late last year, after a long delay caused by the unfortunate trademark debacle surrounding the initial title -- Trenched -- resu...

    Maurice Tan

    11:45 AM on 02.04.2012

    Live show: Hangover is bear-ly clinging to sanity

    [Tune in to Saturday Morning Hangover every Saturday at 10am Pacific for the latest Xbox Live Indie Games, co-op play and assorted hijinks. Hosted by Conrad Zimmerman, Jordan Devore and the lovely&nbs...

    Conrad Zimmerman

    8:00 AM on 06.30.2011

    Trenched not in in Europe due to Portuguese board game

    Double Fine's Trenched can't be released in certain parts of Europe because nobody at Microsoft thought to look up trademarks. If somebody had, they'd know that a Portuguese board game called Trench has the rights to the name...

    Jim Sterling