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    New in Total War

    2:45 AM on 01.14.2015

    Total War: Warhammer announcement leaks early

    Yes, Total War: Warhammer is a thing that's happening. No, Sega hasn't officially announced it. The word comes from a book entitled The Art of Total War, which is set to hit shelves next week. Unfortunately for those who may ...

    Kyle MacGregor

    11:15 AM on 11.25.2014

    Total War Attila & The Crew: 25% off Pre-order deals

    Deals brought to you by the crew at Dealzon. FYI: sales from certain retailers go toward supporting Destructoid. One got a release date confirmed, and the other is finally on schedule to be released after being delayed. ...


    3:30 PM on 11.24.2014

    Total War: Attila releases February 17 and so does its first DLC

    We haven't heard much about Total War: Attila since Creative Assembly announced the strategy game back in September but it's coming along. To catch you up to speed: the year is 395 AD, family trees are back, and you can burn ...

    Jordan Devore

    12:30 PM on 09.25.2014

    Set the world on fire in Total War: Attila

    I didn't throw out any guesses for what the next Total War would be, but if I had, wow, I would've been way off. Creative Assembly's next installment, Total War: Attila, will follow none other than Attila the Hun when it rel...

    Jordan Devore

    7:00 PM on 09.09.2014

    Creative Assembly will unveil the next Total War this month

    Later this month at EGX London (formerly Eurogamer Expo), Total War studio Creative Assembly will "reveal" the next installment in its popular strategy franchise. The announcement will be a part of a developer session schedul...

    Jordan Devore

    2:15 PM on 03.13.2014

    Sega has a new Humble sale and it's super tempting

    Over the next seven days you'll be able to save on a wide array of Sega-published PC games in a Humble Weekly Sale. A nice mix of new and old titles, the deal is broken down into three tiers. You can name your price for a bun...

    Jordan Devore

    6:00 PM on 01.16.2014

    Mod tools for Total War: Rome II are now in beta

    Total War: Rome II was one of the games I'm kicking myself for passing over in 2013; I didn't think I was going to be able to commit to a vast strategy game in a series that has shown me no mercy in the past. However, the new...

    Alasdair Duncan

    11:30 AM on 12.02.2013

    Total War: Rome II is getting an expansion soon

    Total War: Rome II will be getting an expansion, called Caesar in Gaul. This new campaign will focus around Caesar and the Gallic War, and the campaign will feature seasons with weather effects. New units will be added to the...

    Joshua Derocher

    11:45 AM on 11.08.2013

    Total War: Rome II coming out for SteamOS early 2014

    Valve and Creative Assembly are plotting to release Total War: Rome II on SteamOS and Linux early next year. Along with the port to Linux, they will add support for the Steam Controller. Rob Bartholomew, the brand direct...

    Joshua Derocher

    10:00 PM on 10.30.2013

    Total War: Rome II is getting gory but it'll cost you

    That man seems to have lost his head. Welp. Tomorrow, Total War: Rome II is getting its Blood & Gore DLC which adds a whole mess of gruesome effects to the game. It's unfortunate that this is a $2.99 download as opposed t...

    Jordan Devore

    9:00 AM on 09.23.2013

    Total War: Rome II rolls out its second major patch

    After its first big patch fixed a number of major issues with the game, Total War: Rome II now has a second set of changes that rolled out last week. Over 100 fixes are listed, most notably the changes to unit speeds, and gam...

    Chris Carter

    12:30 PM on 09.05.2013

    First Total War: Rome II patch coming on Friday

    Less than a week after its release, Total War: Rome II is getting its first patch on Friday. This will be aimed at fixing bugs and crashes, as well as some gameplay balancing tweaks. Patch notes aren't currently available, bu...

    Joshua Derocher

    9:00 PM on 07.11.2013

    Watch Creative Assembly play a Total War: Rome II battle

    In Total War: Rome II's take on the Battle of the Nile, you can either play as the Egyptians or the Romans. The latter is at a distinct disadvantage in terms of positioning and troop numbers, which means, yep, let's go with ...

    Jordan Devore

    5:00 AM on 07.11.2013

    Play Sonic Lost World at San Diego Comic-Con

    Sega is returning to San Diego Comic-Con once again with their pop-up arcade to be located just across the halls of the giant nerd convention. Fans will be able to roll up to the arcade and get hands-on with Sonic: Lost World...

    Hamza CTZ Aziz

    11:15 AM on 06.28.2013

    Get ready: Total War: Rome II system requirements

    Creative Assembly has put out the system requirements for Total War: Rome II, a game that's been a long time coming and one that will devour many an evening come September. Minimum: OS: XP/ Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 P...

    Jordan Devore

    12:15 PM on 06.13.2013

    Yes, you're going to like Total War: Rome II

    A better-looking Rome: Total War would have been enough for some, myself included -- have you seen how crazy some of the battles look? "Epic" is not a word that frequently leaves my mouth (or fingers, in this case) but it's a...

    Jordan Devore