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8:00 PM on 04.11.2014

The joy of MMOs

Read this list and let me know if it sounds like a good time. Crunching numbers in the wee hours of the night to maximize damage output. Grinding out levels and letting auto-attack handle things for a few seconds while you pl...

Chris Carter

4:00 PM on 08.29.2012

The joy of fan games, pt. 2: Fan game heroes!

Fan games are amazing. So amazing that my first Destructoid article ever was about fan games. So amazing that I wrote a second article nearly four years later. So amazing that I'm following up that last article with another o...

Tony Ponce

4:00 PM on 08.28.2012

The joy of fan games, pt. 1

Nearly four years ago, when I was but a fresh-faced Destructoid community member, I submitted my very first feature-length article in response to that month's musing assignment. I wrote about fan games, unofficial software ba...

Tony Ponce

4:00 PM on 04.25.2012

The joy of traps

When you think of the word "trap," what's the first thing that comes to mind? If your psyche isn't in the darkest depths of the catacombs, you're probably thinking of a mechanical device with the purpose of inflicting harm up...

Chris Carter

4:00 PM on 01.26.2012

The joy of pinball

You walk into an arcade. Whether you just finished playing miniature golf, swinging a bat in the batting cages, or just decided to make your way to one of the few remaining standalone arcades hidden in some random downtown no...

Chad Concelmo