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Top Stories in The Secret World

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    New in The Secret World

    1:00 PM on 01.10.2013

    The Secret World sees 400% increase in 'activity levels'

    Taking The Secret World from a subscription-based game to the "buy-to-play" model has done quite well for Funcom. The company has called this re-launch a success, announcing that "Activity levels in the game have increased by...

    Jordan Devore

    8:00 AM on 12.12.2012

    The Secret World scraps subscription fees

    The Secret World has become the latest MMO to learn that, if it ain't Warcraft, it ain't getting away with charging subscription fees. Mandatory fees have been dropped from Funcom's ailing game, though other areas of monetiza...

    Jim Sterling

    3:00 PM on 11.14.2012

    The Secret World gets a chunky update

    After four months, The Secret World finally gets its first raid, along with new missions and features in the largest update so far. It was this MMO's dearth of multiplayer opportunities that made me ditch it in fav...

    Fraser Brown

    11:00 PM on 10.18.2012

    Halloween comes early to The Secret World

    Are you still playing The Secret World? Now would be a good time to log back in, as Funcom has pushed out some Halloween-centric content by way of the new update, Issue #3: The Cat God. It wouldn't be an MMO without nods to ...

    Jordan Devore

    8:00 PM on 09.17.2012

    Funcom has tools to make The Secret World free to play

    Following the recent layoffs at Funcom, GamesIndustry caught up with CEO Ole Schreiner to talk about the subscription-based model The Secret World uses. He says that the game is profitable now that re-structuring has happened...

    Jordan Devore

    12:30 PM on 09.11.2012

    The Secret World lead game designer laid off

    Funcom MMO The Secret World did not do as well as they had hoped it would, selling only 200,000 copies since its July launch. And now, as it usually goes, the layoffs happen.  A notable casualty is The Secret World's lea...

    Dale North

    11:00 AM on 08.29.2012

    The Secret World sold only 200,000 copies since launch

    Financials for Funcom for this last quarter show disappointing results for their newest, MMO The Secret World. The game sold only 200,000 copies since its June 29th launch, despite more than half a million players having sign...

    Dale North

    4:30 PM on 07.13.2012

    Secret World's first content update announced

    Set to go live July 31st, The Secret World's first content update, Unleashed, (referred to as Issue #1) has been revealed, with promises of more issues coming every month. This first round of content will contain se...

    Victoria Medina

    2:00 PM on 07.09.2012

    The Secret World 'Chronicle' profile and leaderboard tool

    Funcom has launched a new profile and leader board service for new MMO The Secret World today called Chronicle. By logging in here players can view a complete record of their journey through the game, as well as character pro...

    Dale North

    8:00 PM on 07.06.2012

    The DTOID Show: Halo, Walking Dead, & Secret World of BJs

    Hey guys! If you missed today's LIVE Destructoid Show, here's a nice convenient recording of it for you to watch.  For starters, NiGHTS Into Dreams and Dragonball Z Budokai are both getting HD rereleases, and Final ...

    Max Scoville

    4:30 PM on 07.02.2012

    Strange day for Funcom CEO Trond Arne Aas to resign

    Wow. One day before the launch of The Secret World, Funcom's latest MMO, CEO Trond Arne Aas resigns. Sounds scary, right? Actually, there's nothing wrong with the game (in fact, it's great) or the company (stock is up), thoug...

    Dale North

    2:30 PM on 06.19.2012

    Final beta weekend for The Secret World opens June 22

    The fourth beta weekend for The Secret World will run from 9:00am Pacific on June 22 to 11:59pm Pacific on June 24. In addition to being the final event -- the full release of the MMO is set for July 3 -- this one is worth a ...

    Jordan Devore

    9:30 AM on 05.25.2012

    Delay: The Secret World to launch on July 3

    The Secret World was supposed to launch in mid-June, but Funcom has pushed it back to July 3rd for market reasons. They say that this adjustment puts the launch date in a more positive window. Here's the real question: what w...

    Dale North

    8:30 PM on 05.15.2012

    Friday marks the second beta weekend for The Secret World

    The second beta weekend event for The Secret World is almost here. It'll run from Friday, May 18 at 9:00am Pacific to Sunday, May 20 at 11:59pm Pacific. Those of you who participated in the prior beta can continue to use your...

    Jordan Devore

    7:00 PM on 05.10.2012

    Not so secret: One million register for Secret World beta

    Roughly 1/7000th of the people in the real world are currently registered and anticipating the beta events of The Secret World. This weekend will be the first beta event, open to everyone who pre-ordered the ga...

    Patrick Hancock

    5:00 PM on 03.22.2012

    Review: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680

    For some of us, upgrading our PCs with the best hardware and enjoying the most jaw-dropping games in all their glory is a not-so-distant memory. Even though I've consistently owned beefy rigs my whole life, I've spent less an...

    Ryan Perez