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    New in The Loading Bar

    7:00 AM on 03.16.2015

    Ladycade coming to London March 23

    Not doing anything March 23? Near enough to London that travel seems feasible? Looking for a cool video game event to attend that won't cost you anything? Well, Ladycade is coming back to London's Loading Bar in Dalston from ...

    Laura Kate Dale

    4:00 PM on 10.06.2012

    Help UK's gamer bar Loading open a venue in London

    I mentioned this fundraiser in a post earlier this week about the Solid Snake made out of shot glasses, but I felt it deserved to be broken off into its own separate article. Loading, owned and operated by one James Dance, i...

    Tony Ponce

    10:30 PM on 10.02.2012

    That's one 'Liquid' Snake! A 2100-shot glass masterpiece

    UK gaming bar Loading wanted to celebrate the Metal Gear series' 25th anniversary with a little pizzazz, so it hired a freelance designer named Joseph Payne to assemble an appropriate bar-themed work of art. The result was a ...

    Tony Ponce

    8:20 AM on 07.01.2011

    Drink, relax and play in South England

    With the Mana bar having great success in Melbourne, Australia it is great to be contacted by a similar bar hidden away on the south coast of England. The Loading Bar is based in Falmouth and provides gamers with a place...

    Hollie Bennett