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    New in The Dark Meadow

    5:00 PM on 10.10.2011

    Review: The Dark Meadow

    Phosphor Games is a studio pulled together from the ashes of Midway. When the company went under, it left behind an open-world superhero game, one that the developers didn't want to see die. They reformed as Phosphor, and reb...

    Jim Sterling

    1:00 PM on 09.24.2011

    If you game on iOS, watch this Dark Meadow trailer now!

    I really can't say it much simpler than that. If you like gaming on iOS devices, then Phosphor has a launch trailer for The Dark Meadow that I think you should see. Using the Unreal UDK, this is a horror/combat game wit...

    Jim Sterling

    6:45 PM on 07.21.2011

    The Dark Meadow screens are all spooky n' stuff

    Here's a gallery of creepy screenshots from Phosphor's The Dark Meadow, which was announced yesterday for iOS devices. It seems that more studios are getting confident enough to put what some would call "proper" games on iOS,...

    Jim Sterling

    4:30 PM on 07.19.2011

    Phosphor games bringing The Dark Meadow to iOS

    Phosphor Games, the studio behind Awakened, is creating a UDK-powered iOS game with an eye to creating another "AAA" mobile experience. It's called The Dark Meadow, it's played in first-person, and it looks creepy as Hell.&nb...

    Jim Sterling