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    9:30 PM on 04.10.2014

    Conker creator on Rare barns, sequel plans, Rusty Pup and more

    Some weeks ago on Sup Holmes, we welcomed Chris Seavor of Gory Detail to the program. Chris got his start in games working on the original Killer Instinct at Rare. From the sound of it, Rare was able to harness the best...

    Jonathan Holmes

    8:30 PM on 04.08.2014

    Sup Holmes kickstarter offers free game, dancing idiot

    The Sup Holmes kickstarter is less than 60 hours away from completion and we've almost prestigued 3 times already. Thank you so much! We're going to stretch that funding towards creating as many extras as we can. There's a l...

    Jonathan Holmes

    7:00 PM on 03.29.2014

    Sup Holmes Kickstarter runs amok, Retro City Rampage reward added

    First, the sad news-- Sunday's episode with Chris Seavor was the final Sup, Holmes? on Dtoid's Twitch/YouTube channel. The glad news? We launched a Kickstarter for the show yesterday, and due to overwhelming support, we were...

    Jonathan Holmes

    11:30 AM on 03.28.2014

    Mind-controlled games, knife crime, and more with Roll7's John Ribbins

    Almost two weeks ago on Sup Holmes (now on iTunes) we welcomed John Ribbins to the program. John's been making games on his own since was a kid, but it wasn't until BBC Channel 4 commissioned him and his partners at Rolling ...

    Jonathan Holmes

    10:00 AM on 03.23.2014

    Sup Holmes finishes off with Conker's Chris Seavor

    Oh my god, it's the last Sup Holmes on Dtoid! Ahhh! What does that even mean? We'll find out soon enough, as the Sup Holmes year 3 Kickstarter is set to go live any second now. In the meantime, why not tune in to the show tod...

    Jonathan Holmes

    3:30 PM on 03.20.2014

    Jane Jensen on how Doom killed Adventure games, casting Mark Hamill and more

    A week and a half ago on Sup Holmes (now on iTunes) we welcomed Jane Jensen of Pinkerton Road to the program. Jane started her career as a computer programmer in the 80's, but before long, her inescapable love of storytellin...

    Jonathan Holmes

    11:00 AM on 03.16.2014

    Sup Holmes gleams the cube with OlliOlli's John Ribbins

    This week on Sup Holmes we welcome John Ribbins of Roll7 to the program. John's worked on a variety of games in his +5 years in the industry, including the top-rated, massive skateboarding platformer OlliOlli, the still in de...

    Jonathan Holmes

    12:00 PM on 03.09.2014

    Sup Holmes points and clicks with Jane Jensen

    Today on Sup Holmes we welcome Jane Jensen to the program. Jane has been working on games that put story and characterization at the forefront since the 1980's, working on established series like Police Quest and King's Quest...

    Jonathan Holmes

    9:30 AM on 03.09.2014

    Mods, hate, and community with Chucklefish's Molly Carrol

    Two week's ago on Sup Holmes (now on iTunes), we welcomed Molly Carroll to the program. Molly used to be a big part of the Dtoid Forums community before moving on to become community manager at Chucklefish (Starbound). We ta...

    Jonathan Holmes

    4:00 PM on 03.04.2014

    Fear, Disney, positivity, Zynga and more with Erin Reynolds

    Last Sunday on Sup Holmes (now on iTunes) we welcomed Erin Reynolds of Flying Mollusk to the program. We talked about so many things, like the influence Ecco the Dolphin and Gremlins had on her formative years, why she got i...

    Jonathan Holmes

    2:30 PM on 03.02.2014

    Sup Holmes gets post traumatic with Erin Reynolds

    Today on Sup Holmes we welcome Erin Reynolds of Flying Mollusk to the program. Erin's been in the game industry for over ten years, having worked on a variety of games for big publishers, including working as senior game desi...

    Jonathan Holmes

    1:00 PM on 03.01.2014

    Fox News anchor is awful to an interesting game developer

    Tomorrow on Sup Holmes (1pm PST/4pm EST), we'll be welcoming Erin Reynolds (no relation to Dennis) to the program. Erin's had a long, fruitful career in the big budget videogame industry, and has since gone indie, curre...

    Jonathan Holmes

    2:30 PM on 02.23.2014

    Sup Holmes reaches for the stars with Molly Carroll

    [Art by Bietol] We haven't done Sup Holmes for two weeks! Isn't that terrible? Sinistar just moved to New York and it's taken him awhile to get internet, but assuming that all goes well, we'll be live today with Molly Carroll...

    Jonathan Holmes

    3:30 PM on 02.13.2014

    John Steinbeck, Cave Adventures and more w/ Jake Elliott

    Last time on Sup Holmes (now on iTunes) we welcomed Jake Elliott of Cardboard Computer (Kentucky Route Zero) to the program.  Immediately after the show was over, I felt terrible. I was so in awe of Jake's brain that I ...

    Jonathan Holmes

    11:00 PM on 02.05.2014

    Free games, AOL discs and the afterlife with Ackk Studios

    A week and a half ago on Sup Holmes (now on iTunes), we welcomed Brian and Andrew Allanson of Ackk Studios to the program. We talked about their breakout success Two Brothers, their start in making their own games (and Pokem...

    Jonathan Holmes

    12:30 PM on 02.02.2014

    Sup Holmes doubles down on Kentucky Route Zero

    Today on Sup Holmes we welcome Jake Elliot of Cardboard Computer (Kentucky Route Zero, Wikipedia Vs. Predator) to the program. Jake's been creating games and "artware" for years, but it was Kentucky Route Zero that really put...

    Jonathan Holmes