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    New in Skullgirls

    3:00 AM on 04.14.2015

    My new boyfriend is coming to Skullgirls this friday

    This magnificent specimen of a man is Beowulf, Skullgirls Encore’s newest character. The muscle, the grizzle, the hair… the dead animal pelts... oh gosh there are emotions. I want him to scoop me up in ...

    Joe Parlock

    10:30 AM on 01.07.2015

    PSA: If you want Skullgirls' Eliza for free, you have until January 13

    If you own Skullgirls Encore, you may want to jump into your respective marketplace and grab some free content while you can. Eliza, the newest character in the series, is currently free for a limited time. How limited? Well,...

    Chris Carter

    6:45 AM on 12.23.2014

    Skullgirls Beta trials Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Superjumps

    Good news for any Marvel vs. Capcom 2 fans out there who also happen to be Skullgirls players: the game's Superjumps are taking a step closer to those of MvC2, at least in the current Beta build. Announced by Skullgirls lead ...

    Laura Kate Dale

    7:00 PM on 10.01.2014

    Skullgirls Encore pushed back on PS4, PS Vita

    First, the not-so-great news: Skullgirls Encore won't be out for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita until next year. Developer Lab Zero Games has "expanded the scope of the port and [is] adding new features with the aim of making it...

    Jordan Devore

    3:15 PM on 07.17.2014

    Skullgirls lead animator fantasizes about Fatal Frame in Smash Bros.

    [Update: Mariel wanted you to know that the heavy lifting on the animation for Double was done by Dave Smith and BahiJD. The original concept for the character came from Skullgirls creator Alex Ahad.] Mariel Cartwright i...

    Jonathan Holmes

    5:45 PM on 07.10.2014

    Skullgirls Encore takes another bow on PS4, PS Vita

    Skullgirls Encore is coming to PlayStation 4 and Vita later this year, Lab Zero Games announced today. The fighting game initially released in 2012 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 before relaunching on those platforms and PC l...

    Kyle MacGregor

    5:00 PM on 07.08.2014

    Skullgirls' rad lead animator selling a sketchbook until July 31

    Mariel Cartwright is taking one run of pre-orders until July 31 on an 80-page, black and white sketchbook, which was originally sold at Anime Expo. After July 31, you'll have to pick it up at next year's Anime Expo.  It's probably real good because her art is real good.

    Steven Hansen

    2:00 PM on 05.12.2014

    PS Plus: Skullgirls Encore and some sales

    There are a few things to mention about this week's PlayStation Plus update, but most notably, Lab Zero's 2D fighting game Skullgirls Encore will be free for subscribers tomorrow. Big Band was recently added to the roster, so...

    Jordan Devore

    2:00 PM on 04.18.2014

    Skullgirls' first male character coming for free to PS3 next week

    Big Band is coming to Skullgirls Encore for free next Tuesday. He's the first male character in the game. Finally, some representation. He's also a mix between Kill la Kill's Nonon Jakuzure and FLCL's cowboy hand. His taunts...

    Steven Hansen

    2:30 PM on 04.01.2014

    Skullgirls pokes fun at Ultra Street Fighter IV's Decapre

    Skullgirls' latest character is a joke at the expense of Capcom and its recent reveal of Decapre for Ultra Street Fighter IV, except it's not a joke. Fukua, a clone of Filia, is actually going to be a playable character -- s...

    Jordan Devore

    10:00 PM on 02.13.2014

    Skullgirls Encore adds tons of new free content

    Skullgirls is back from the dead and better than ever. Free from the restraints imposed by former publisher Konami, Lab Zero and Autumn Games have brought the indie 2D fighter back with a vengeance with Skullgirls Encor...

    Jonathan Holmes

    5:00 PM on 12.22.2013

    Typing of the Skullgirls announced for Skullgirls Encore

    Perhaps spurred by the recent invigoration that Sega has brought back to the Typing of the Dead series, the upcoming re-release of Skullgirls -- Skullgirls Encore -- will include an all new mode dubbed "The Typing of the Skul...

    Wesley Ruscher

    8:30 PM on 12.17.2013

    Skullgirls will be reborn on the PSN and XBLA as 'Encore'

    Roughly a week ago, we learned that Konami was demanding that Skullgirls be delisted from the Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network. Although we still don't know exactly why this is happening, we do know that...

    Chris Carter

    2:34 PM on 12.07.2013

    Konami is demanding that Lab Zero Games remove Skullgirls

    [Update: Ravidrath of Lab Zero Games has added a bit of clarification to the situation.] Last night on the Salty Cupcakes 'cast, Skullgirls lead Mike Z dropped a bomb on the fighting game community -- their console ...

    Chris Carter

    3:30 PM on 11.30.2013

    Dead or Alive, Cubone and panty sniffing w/ Cristina Vee

    Last Sunday on Sup Holmes (now on iTunes) we were treated to company of Cristina Vee, voice actress for League of Legends, BlazBlue, Tekken: Blood Vengence, Skullgirls, Pokemon Origins and many other games and animated ...

    Jonathan Holmes

    2:45 PM on 08.19.2013

    New releases: Purple is back in style

    Bloody hell, this week, calm down. A slew of games are clamouring for your attention over the next seven days, some of them really rather good. At the top of the pile, however, is Saints Row IV. I didn't think the series wou...

    Fraser Brown